Top 10 Supernatural TV Shows

I’ve got supernatural withdrawal. Bad

First I binged on True Blood (I’m a huge fan of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books) and then I binged on Grimm. What now?

I found this top ten summation on You Tube:

This video clip is a great montage of shows, which I recommend watching, but I don’t agree with their list:

10 – Adams Family (5 * – I loved this one as a child)

9 – Being Human (5* from me, too)

8 – The Vampire Diaries (5*, but a bit too much teenage angst for my old bones)

7 – Gravity Falls (never seen it)

6  – Penny Dreadful (never seen it – but it looks good in the clip)

5 – Dark Shadows (never seen it)

4 – American Horror Stories (never seen it)

3 – Twilight Zone (5* – classic terror)

2 – Supernatural (5* – this one scares me so much I can’t watch too many)

1 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (4* – love it – cult worthy)

But, wait a minute.  Three of my favorites only made the Honorable Mention List:

True Blood, Grimm and Charmed

Here’s my top five:

1 – True Blood

2 – Grimm

3 – Buffy

4 – Being Human

5 – Twilight Zone

Your turn. What are your favorites?