3 Steps to Create an #Anthology and not go Crazy #RSSOS


  1. Work with great writers.
  2. Choose a good theme.
  3. Talk a lot.

Blend the above ingredients until the magic happens.

Well… something like that. My list makes putting together an anthology sound easy, and it’s not. But it is worthwhile.

A couple months ago four of us decided to form a group of like-minded suspense writers to write a blog and cross-promote one another. Four grew to eighteen over night, the blog is extremely successful with a loyal and growing following and now we have our first anthology, Snippets of Suspense Anthology, #1. We’re planning a launch part on December 10th, but I’ll tell you more about that another time.

Back to the “How” of it all. Ten of our writers wanted to be in the book and as it turned out ten was a perfect number. Each writer sent me the first five thousand words of the book they wanted to promote, a bio with a picture of themselves, a cover picture and a the back blurb for the book. I formatted each writer’s work in a separate part using Pressbooks.

The theme? That was easy for us, because we were connected by the theme of suspense. So our anthology is all about suspense. Mind you, we have wild west suspense, small town suspense, international spy suspense… and the list goes on. The idea of the book is to give readers a chance to sample new stories and introduce them to writers they may not have met.

And we talk a lot. It amazes me how much talking is required to create a book, but all the chatter has been rewarding in many ways. We’ve gotten to know each other better and we have an awesome product.


Check it out: Free on Kobo and B and N

Ninety-nine cents and soon to be Free on Kindle