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Here’s your chance to read my first book, Covert Danger, for free. If you like female spies, exotic bad guys and romance, you’ll like this one. It’s a cross between Indiana Jones and Covert Affairs.

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#99cent sale – Boxing Day – 3 books

Call me the blundering, boxing day sales person. Otherwise known as the knit wit.

I thought I had the books set to go on sale on Dec. 26th, but the day came and the books were not on sale, or so it appears to me in Canada

It turns out, two are on sale somewhere and selling (i.e., Covert Danger and Ain’t Misbehavin’) A Highland Ghost of Christmas will go on sale on the 28th. My apologies.

But why I can’t see the sale here in Canada, I don’t know. But they are selling.

I feel so bad. I’ve sent out thousands of newsletters. Urrgh. I’m not sure what happened, but it happened.

www-jo-anncarson-comDec. 28th 8am PST for 24 hours

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A Highland Ghost for Christmas

Covert Danger

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#Free #Suspense Books for the Beach and a Goodreads Giveaway

Summer Sales

Summer time is perfect for catching up on your reading. If you missed some of my Mata Hari series, they will be on sale this summer.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Ain't Misbehavin' by Jo-Ann Carson

Ain’t Misbehavin’

by Jo-Ann Carson

Giveaway ends June 29, 2016.

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To Market… To Market… To Sell…#Free

I suck at marketing.  Let me rephrase that. I used to suck at marketing. I am learning about marketing. Marketing sucks.

Think about it from my end of the pen. I spend hours that turn into days, that turn into weeks, then months then in some cases years to create and publish an artisinal book. But the story is not complete, because a story that is not read is like a song that is not heard… is like the tree that falls in the forest and no one hears. Unless it gets out “there,” it may as well not exist.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard the lectures about patience and about how over time one’s books get noticed. The theory is that eventually their niche market discovers them. Hmmmm. I suppose to some degree that’s true. But with the increasing number of books being published, at some point a whole lot of them will never surface. And that is a sad thought.

I’ve tried to understand marketing in this new publishing world, and the only truth I have found is that no one knows wtf they’re talking about. Excuse my acronym. But it’s frustrating. Everyone talks with great authority, but what works for one book, does not work for the next. Yesterday’s hot genre is tomorrow’s trash. Publishing houses big and small are collapsing and brick and mortar book stores are selling stuffed toys. It’s not easy to navigate in these waters. It’s like throwing a dart at a moving target while standing on quicksand.

And yet, I would also argue it is the best of times to be a writer, because I can self-publish. The only gatekeeper is the reader. And everyone on the planet is in need of a good story.

This rant was meant to be a preamble to explain why I so appreciate people who do marketing well. My friend, Jacqui Nelson made the following graphic for me. It is simple and I think powerful.

shutterstock_104723360 (1)What do you think?


Here is another of her other ads:

Biggar graphic

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Updating a Manuscript #amwriting


Cover-Jo-AnnCarson-CoverDanger-covert14One of the truly wonderful things about the digital publishing world is that you can easily update manuscripts. Today I’m working on my first book, Covert Danger. I’ve rewritten my front and back material and added an excerpt from Ancient Danger. These are “touch-ups” I couldn’t do when I first released it in April.

I’m heading over to my friend Mimi Barbour‘s house to learn a new formatting program this afternoon,mimi that should make the process even easier. I love learning new things, especially when they make my life easier. And Mimi who has hit the top seller list on the New York Times and USA Today  is an amazing mentor to so many of us new writers. I think she’s part angel.

Anyway that’s what I’m doing today. Here is my new acknowledgement page for Covert Danger, which now comes at the beginning instead of the end of the book. The first one just didn’t say enough.

“Covert Danger is my first published book. It took over a year to write. I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends’ support. There were many ups and downs during the journey and even a cancer diagnosis, but in the end my story came together and it was because of their love, friendship and generous spirits.
How do you thank people who throw you a life-line and help you make your biggest dream come true? Words don’t seem enough, but I will try.
I may not say it every day, but I should. I am grateful to my husband, Piet, who patiently listens to every wild idea I come up with, never doubts me and encourages me to “go for it.” You are my rock of strength, my star of vision.
I am blessed with two beautiful daughters. Thanks go to J.C. McKenzie who was my critique partner. Her wicked wit and sharp eye kept me going through my first draft. Thanks go to Hannah Myles, who was an amazing beta reader and gave me solid feedback, which strengthened the plot line.
I also have wonderful friends. (I must have done something good in my last life.) My deepest thanks go to Marisa Radcliffe, who taught me how to swear in Italian and understand men better <grin>. She’s a kick-ass beta-reader.
Then there’s my technical team. I’d like to thank Dr. Philip Newey, my copy-editor, who straightens out my grammar. And Nina French, my cover-designer extraordinaire.
I’d like also to acknowledge Eric Baetscher who granted me permission to use his photo of the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art on my cover.
And last, but never least, my heart-felt gratitude goes to my writing buddies (you know who you are) who support and inspire me every day.
All errors are my own.”

Covert Danger… a fast paced plot #Review- 5 stars

covert14Look what I just found in Goodreads! A fantastic 5 star review for Covert Danger by Joanne Guidoccio.

“Covert Danger has all the makings of a potential blockbuster movie: drop-dead gorgeous supermodel turned CIA agent (aptly nicknamed Mata Hari), hot blond giant who captures her heart, and a fast-paced plot filled with unexpected twists and turns. Ms. Carson has crafted a book rich in mood and atmosphere and populated it with intriguing and unforgettable characters. A natural storyteller, she excels at descriptive detail and, throughout the novel, demonstrates ample evidence of her impeccable research .

A must-read for fans of romantic suspense!”


Finding this after penning 1800 words on the fifth book in the series this morning, made my heart soar.

I had to share.


Creating Book #Memes

Add a little bit of body text


What is a meme?

A meme is a picture with some words on it, created to intrigue the audience so much they want to share it. It shakes, it stirs, it may even make you laugh. Most importantly it makes you remember. “In his book The Selfish Gene (1976), the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins used the term meme to describe a unit of human cultural transmission analogous to the gene, arguing that replication also happens in culture, albeit in a different sense.” (Wikipedia)

Do Memes = Mini Ads and are they effective?

Or are we so inundated with so many images on Social Media, that no one really notices? I’m not sure. But creating memes is fun. Time will tell.

Ancient Danger

How do you Create a Meme?

You need a graphic image and some words. I used Canva, because they make the process easy, but there are a million ways to put your “stuff” together. The images for each of these three memes cost me a buck, which is a looney and some change Canadian.  The sayings on the top two are “take-offs” from Mae West quotes that I like. The phrase in the last one is out of my head. Many writers use direct quotes from their stories.

A book can take you places

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A Note About Next Week

I’ll be doing a blog tour for Ancient Danger (Mata Hari #3) with Book Partners in Crime Promotions next week. I’ll list the stops and the content of the blog posts each day. At the same time, my book will be free on Amazon (i.e., June 1-5). This should be fun.

Ancient Danger Sale Card

 What do you think?

Do you like memes? Do you think they work for writers? Love to hear from you.