2016 A to Z Challenge – World Mythology


anubisA is for Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death who weighs your heart

B is for Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Fire who terrifies me

C is for Cronus, Leader of the Titans, Father of the Greek Godsisis

D is for Dragons, Chinese Dragons

E is for Ekeko, God of Good Luck and Abundance

F is for Freya, Norse Goddess of Love

G is the Gitche Manitou, The Great Spirit

H is for Hell – Is it Around the Corner?800px-Luca_Signorelli_001

I is for Isis – An Ancient Egyptian Goddess with Magic

J is for Jupiter, Roman God of Thunder

John William Waterhouse: Pandora, 1896 (Wikipedia)
John William Waterhouse: Pandora, 1896 (Wikipedia)

K is for Kiviuq, The Innuit Shaman



L is for Loki, The Tickster Norse God

O is for Odin, Norse God of a Zillion Things

P is for Pandora, Greek Woman Who Brought Evil into the World

Q is for Queszalcoatl, Meso-American God


R is for Ragnorak, the Norse Armageddon

S is for Sekhmet, The Ancient Egyptian Goddess

T is for Thor, Norse God of Thunder

DomenichinounicornPalFarnese (1)




U is for Unicorn, Legendary Symbol of Purity and Grace

V is for Vampire, Do Vampires Belong in World Mythology