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ALL IN FOR LOVE: A Lucky 7 Anthology
An Inn Decent Proposal By Sharon Buchbinder,

Perfect Odds By Lashanta, Charles,

A Ghost To Die For By Keta Diablo,

Raising Kane By Kat Henry Doran,

For Money Or Love By Margo Hoornstra,

Take A Chance On Me By M.J. Schiller

What happens at La Bonne Chance, doesn’t always stay at La Bonne Chance. Are you ready to roll the dice?

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense Anthology


Six award-winning authors bring you seven *sweet to sensual* romances filled with suspense, thrills and maybe even a ghost or two—for less than the price of a cup of coffee—99 cents!

Welcome to La Bonne Chance Resort & Casino!

With thousands of people passing through the casino’s doors on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that a variety of lives and loves are on the line there. It’s said that you’re more likely to lose your heart at La Bonne Chance than a hand of poker. Whether you are the Director of Casino Operations or the guy who created its software, a jilted bride or a black jack dealer, a past guest’s ghost or a sous chef–when it comes to love, the stakes are high.

Thank goodness what happens at La Bonne Chance, doesn’t always stay at La Bonne Chance….

Ready to roll the dice?

An Inn Decent Proposal, Sharon Buchbinder
Can an hotelier with a past and a chef with a future revive the grand dame in a neglected old inn?

Perfect Odds, Lashanta Charles
When a jilted bride meets the man of her dreams, will she embrace the new plan, or cling stubbornly to the old one?

A Ghost To Die For, Keta Diablo
She didn’t believe in ghosts…until one showed up in her room.

Raising Kane, Kat Henry Doran
Funny how a night in jail will change a woman’s outlook on life.

For Money Or Love, Margo Hoornstra
She’s the one woman he can’t afford to lose.

Take A Chance On Me, M.J. Schiller
Who do you count on when the chips are down?


To add to the fun, we are giving away one gambling themed handmade item to ONE lucky commenter who will be selected by a Random Number Generator.


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from An Inn Decent Proposal by Sharon Buchbinder

After the hotel auction, a stunned Jim Rawlings and excited Genie King go to Sips, a local coffee house. Overwhelmed with self-doubts verging on buyer’s remorse, Jim begins to question his sanity. Genie, on the other hand, is bursting with enthusiasm and ideas…

“Why did you want this place?”

“The old girl called to me, begged me to save her.” He gave Genie a wistful smile. “Do I sound crazy?”

“You call the Inn ‘she,’ too?”

“Yes, she’s like a grand old dame who’s fallen on hard times.  Remember the parties? The famous people who stayed and played there? Celebrities came to the Inn because they knew their privacy and secrets were safe with us. If those walls could talk!  Every day was new and exciting. I would love to bring back her glory days.”

Genie leaped up, ran around the table and hugged him. “I have the same dream. We can do it.”

He hesitated for a moment, then returned the gesture, his hands unable to resist lingering on her luscious curves just a tad too long. Genie’s inviting cleavage made him wish they were somewhere private. He could scarcely breathe and had to shake his head to dispel naughty images of nuzzling her soft breasts. “We can do what?”

She sat down again, but clung to his hands. “I’ve done the research. The Inn should be in the National Park Service Historic Registry—but it isn’t. If we can get her added to the Registry, there are laws and standards about how we make the rehabilitation. We can bring it up to modern codes, but have to use certain treatments—”

“I hate to burst your bubble, but where will we get the money to do all this?” He wasn’t sure he could afford too many more big gambles like this last one.

Her face flushed and her sapphire blue eyes sparkled. “If we can get her added to the Registry, we’ll qualify for special low interest loans. And for a major tax credit. And we have a million dollars in equity.”

“Pretty, smart—and you say you can cook? If you can do all that, you are a genie.”

She released his hands, pulled her shoulders back, and inadvertently gave him a better glimpse of her bosom. Genie gave him a scalding look. “Are you challenging my cooking, Mr. Rawlings?”

Uh-oh. He never dreamed of Genie having a little temper. He couldn’t resist tweaking her. “I’m sure you’re a solid cook.”

She stood, almost knocking her chair over. “Solid? What the hell does that mean? Average? Good enough to make the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner for the family—but not good enough to cook for guests? Tell you what, Mr. Critic, you come to my house for dinner tomorrow night.” She scribbled her address on a business card and threw it on the table. “My food makes men go weak at the knees.”

Hypnotized by the sway of her voluptuous ass as she stalked out of the nearly empty café, Jim bet it wasn’t just this saucy woman’s cooking that made strong men weak.

About Sharon Buchbinder

Sharon Buchbinder and her husband used to breed and show Egyptian Maus and Color Point Persians (formerly called Himalayans). If you’ve ever seen the mockumentary, Best in Show, you have an idea of what life was like 24 out of 52 weekends a year for this wild and crazy couple. When Sharon returned to school for her PhD in 1986, she decided a doctoral program plus a toddler plus a full time job was more than enough and they placed all their cats in good homes—including their own.


My Knitted Knockers go to the Hospital

I’m sharing my experience to encourage others to knit knockers.

Today I Took my Knockers to the Hospital

What is a Knitted Knocker?

“Knitted Knockers are special handmade breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures to the breast. Traditional breast prosthetics are usually expensive, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable. They typically require special bras or camisoles with pockets and can’t be worn for weeks after surgery. Knitted Knockers on the other hand are soft, comfortable, beautiful and when placed in a regular bra they take the shape and feel of a real breast. ” (Knitted Knockers website)

How I Got Hooked

A couple months ago I happened upon a site about knitted knockers. Being a ten year breast cancer survivor, it tugged at my heart. I ordered cotton on-line and began knitting knockers during the evening news.

It takes four needles to make these breasts!

I swore like a logger through the first one, and tore it out three time. I’m not an expert knitter and I kept making mistakes, but once I got used to the pattern, the knockers flew off my needles.

When I reached a dozen I knew I had to do something about them. I couldn’t exactly keep a stash under my bed.

I could take them to a drop-off place, but the closest ones are a long way away (Vancouver or Victoria). I could also mail them to the Knitted Knockers association.

Now that I had completed them, I didn’t feel comfortable with either option. I had grown attached to my knitted knockers and wanted to make sure they found their way into the hands of local women who would use them. I held my breath and contacted the local hospital (Nanaimo Regional General Hospital)

Much to my amazement, they were thrilled to receive my email .

I Needed to Make it Personal

Having been through a struggle with breast cancer I know how connections to other caring people help you heal. I read in one book that many women become psychologically frozen for up to a year after a mastectomy. That sounds about right to me.

So, I wanted to write a note to each of the women who would receive one of my knockers. I wasn’t sure what to say. Breasts are very personal. Cancer is very personal. Yada yada … And yet I wanted to make a connection.

Do I tell her my story? Do I tell her that there’s still a lot of her life left to live? I’m not a doctor. I can’t say that. I don’t know her situation.

What can I say that might make her day a little brighter?

This is what I came up with:

A Knitted Knocker Just for You

Your knocker is knit with 100% cotton and love. The stuffing is a high-quality polyester fill and it is machine washable.

Traditional breast prosthetics are typically expensive, heavy and uncomfortable.  I hope you find this one easy to wear. I made it just for you.



~ for more information on knitted knockers go to:

On a separate piece of paper I wrote a note about sizing:

Knitted Knockers – Fitting Instructions

The cotton thread has not been tied off in the back of your knocker, so that you can add or subtract stuffing to make it as comfortable as possible for you. It has been knit as a size B cup, as that is the most commonly requested size.

If you need a bigger or smaller size, contact Knitted Knockers of Canada and order what you need ( It will still be free.

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey.



Is it Expensive?

Knitted Knockers are free.

Are they expensive to make? No.

A skein of cotton costs about $6.00 Cdn on-line and shipping is free if you buy over $35.00 worth of yarn. One skein knits 4 size B knockers. The fill is inexpensive. I purchased the gift bags in the dollar store.

I estimate my total cost for a single knocker with a tote bag to be less than three dollars, less than one latte.

Compare that to my prosthesis and bra to hold it, which cost me $429.00 Cdn ten years ago. Luckily my costs then were mostly covered by an extended Medical plan, but many women don’t have such insurance.

And lets add to the discussion of price, the value of having something made by hand by someone who cares.

Knitted knockers rock!

If you would like to knit or crochet knockers, check out the website, It has free patterns, You Tube videos and lots of information.



Mah Jong Solitaire and Winds #MondayBlogs

It’s Mah Jong Monday again, a day I like to spend talking about aspects of the game.

First – Let’s Consider a Pool Party

I love this photo of four women playing Mah Jong in 1924. I found in Elaine Sandberg’s book, Winning American Mah Jong Strategies. Doesn’t it look like fun?



There are many apps and on-line games for solitaire Mah Jong, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about a solitaire-way of playing the game Mah Jong with the classic tiles.

I’ve just started playing it, to practice hands and hopefully improve my strategy (which shouldn’t be hard, as I don’t have any yet – lol).

I twitter (i.e., mix up) the tiles and draw thirteen. I pick up and discard tiles and work towards a hand for Mah Jong.

This game shoud work with all versions of the game, though you might want to add a Charleston by randomly selecting three tiles and passing three seven times, if you are playing the American Version.


Winds are honor tiles. There are four of each: East wind, South wind, West wind and North wind.

I looked up the meaning of the tiles, and while each has symbolism associated with it, it didn’t really enhance the game for me. All I really need to know at this point is that they are honor tiles and honor tiles play an important role in hands.

What’s Next?

Next Monday I’ll look at the three suits in Mah Jong.

If you found this post interesting, check out the rest of my Mah Jong mini-series.


Sandberg Elaine, A Beginner’s Guide to American Mah Jongg How to Play the Game & Win, Tuttle Publishing, North Claredon, 2007

Sandberg Elaine, Winning American Mah Jong Strategies, Tuttle Publishing, NOrth Claredon, 2012


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

Too Many Women in the Room Release Day!

I love Joanne Guidoccio’s mysteries. They pull me right in. Here’s her latest. I can’t wait to read it.

Joanne Guidoccio


Gilda Greco Mystery Series, Book 2
by Joanne Guidoccio

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3 Reasons I Write Ghostly Tales

It’s WIP (i.e., work in progress) Wednesday …

I’m a quiet, serious sort of person, so why do I choose to write lighthearted, ghost stories, or what I call paranormal light, or gothic with a wink?

One – My Muse has Peculiar Taste

I backed-up and fell into this genre.

I thought I would enjoy writing post- apocalyptic stories as they are great back-drops for strong characters.

Boy was I wrong! I have a draft of a story about life after bio-warfare. The virus is carried in weaponized mosquitoes and my tag line was: It only takes one bite. IMHO the bones of the story are pretty good, but it will never see the light of day, because it needs at least six weeks of editing and I can’t stand the thought of spending even one more day with my mind in the ugly darkness of that world. It’s unbelievably hard. Sort of like swimming through mud.

When I read post-apoc, I’m only in that world for a few hours, but when I write it, I need to put my whole mind and heart into it for days on end. [shiver, shiver] It’s just not my cup of letters.

Anyway … as I wrote the postapoc story, my muse would do its best to escape from the harshness of the world I was creating. First, I began writing Haiku, and imagined that my heroine would be writing it, to escape her surroundings. That helped and it was fun, but as I neared the end of the first draft I found I needed more diversion, so I started writing a silly ghost story and fell in love with it.

click for link

It made me laugh and the writing was easy and fun. That story became A Highland Ghost for Christmas, my most popular story.

What I’ve learned from this experience is life is easier when I listen to my muse.




Two – Ghosts are Intriguing

Writing humorous ghost scenes, speculating about their lives after death and playing with horror is a lot of fun.

Once I had created the world of Sunset Cove, stories flowed through my head and I couldn’t stop writing them. The next three novellas came easily: A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day, Confessions of a Pirate Ghost and The Biker Ghost Meets his Match (launching in June).

Currently I’m working on a spin-off novel, tentatively called Midnight Magic: A Ghost and Abby Mystery, which I’ll publish in the fall.

Three – The Horror/Comedy Seesaw

Ghosts, even when they are funny at times, are dead and scary. I like the push and pull of the emotions they invoke in people (myself included). They create conflict in a story by their mere existence.

So, those are my reasons for writing ghost stories, which I hope will entertain you and let you escape from the stresses and confines of our modern world.

This is my latest release: link link

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The 3 Dragons of Mah Jong #Mondayblogs

It’s Mah Jong Monday …

Dragons in Chinese Culture

Not all dragons are equal. Here in the west, we depict dragons as fire-breathing, aggressive beasts that need to be conquered, but eastern cultures see things differently.

“Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it.” Wikipedia

Given their grand position in Chinese culture, it’s no surprise that there are three dragon tiles in the game of Mah Jong.

Dragons in Mah Jong

The three dragon tiles (i.e., red, green and white dragons) are honor tiles. They play important roles in mah jong hands.

Illustration: white, red, and green dragons. In many sets (mine included) the red and green dragons are actual dragons.

White Dragon

  • Chinese Character “Pai”
  • it represents the mysterious unknown
  • a border is drawn around the white to contain it


Red Dragon

  • Chinese Character “Chung” (see above)
  • it means middle or center and the character looks like an arrow hitting a target
  • so the larger meaning of this tile is success or achievement


Green Dragon

  • Chinese Character “Fa” (see above)
  • means to commence – the stylized version of the character looks like an arrow being drawn back, ready to release
  • to proceed or start



My 2 Cents

Knowing the meaning of the tiles adds another dimension to the game. Call me cheesy, but it makes it more exotic and fun for me.


My Mah Jong

My winning hand this week  was Windvane


Windvane: one of each of the winds, and one paired, a pung in each suite. We play it exposed.



What’s Next?

Next Monday I’ll look at the other honor tiles (i.e., the winds, ones and nines).

If you found this post interesting, check out the rest of my Mah Jong mini-series.


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius