Thursday Review: The Good Griffin


Damian, a naughty griffin with a gruff exterior and gentle heart, is head over hooves in love with Lucy, the sexy lynx shifter, who runs the Rise and Grind coffee shop. (Yes, J.C. McKenzie’s wit is as wild as ever in this one.) Lucy’s feeling for the griffin are mixed, but when the infamous hex, the one that makes everyone reach for their heart’s desire, hits town, her raw attraction for the big guy is revealed. Their love affair is seductive, hot and spicy. But the story doesn’t end there. The big, bad griffin has lost his bauble. Yes, his bauble, a source of power and pride for him, a griffin amulet that he must give his mate.

Humor, heat and hex in hefty doses make this intricate tale intriguing and highly entertaining. I recommend it for all lovers of the shifter persuasion.

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Unbreakable Bond


This is the first Gemma Halliday book I’ve read and I was so impressed. Her writing is tight and funny. The mystery was unpredictable and the whole story delightful. I loved every minute of it. I’ll be reading a lot more of her books. They remind me a bit of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, but Halliday has her own, strong voice. Loved it. Can’t say it enough. Loved it.

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Mary Buckham: We Need More Storytellers

To hear the whole interview go to Blood, Sweat and Words.

A Perma Free Highland Ghost

I’ve “gone wide” with my Gambling Ghost series and A Highland Ghost for Christmas is now available for free across all platforms. (e.,g., Kobo, Apple, Nook etc.)

Amazon should move their price down to 0 soon, but in the meantime, the other platforms have the book up and running.

Here is the Universal Book Link (, which helps you locate it at your bookstore of choice. Or you can go to the bookstore yourself and look for the book. Please, let me know if you post reviews on other sites. ( subject line- review)


Review Thursday: Sage it Out


If you like funny, fast-paced cozies, you’ll love this story. Vedam skillfully weaves romance and humor into a solid mystery plot. The two main female characters switch identities, baffling the police and creating a wonderfully-entertaining sense of suspense and humor, as the mystery of the money laundering unravels.

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Featured Today on Karen Doctor’s Blog

Yes, I am featured today on Thriller writer Karen Doctor’s blog. I do an interview with the heroine, Mad Rath, in Murder for Christmas.

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Murder with Music:)

Thursday Review – Gifted

Five StarReview

When a demon enters the paranormal world of the Dark Forgotten, it feeds on everyone’s emotions and threatens the town. Once, “… in the mortal realm it could feed on every soul, stirring up the embers of … heartbreaks, long forgotten feuds and the sweet private moments never meant to be shared. …the holiday flavors were its perfect meal.” No one would be spared. “Love. Memories. Emotions. All the things that made the holidays bright or dark,” fueled the demon. He grew more powerful every day.

I found the premise of this story, that dark thoughts are powerful demons, intriguing. Using a paranormal canvas to explore it–brilliant.

Ashwood’s richly portrayed characters bring the story alive. Take for example the radio announcer, Errata Jones, the were-cougar night radio host, who looks, “…like a naughty list made flesh, but in an elegant, untouchable way.” And Joe, the vampire dad, who chases all over the globe and pulls in favors to get his daughter the present she wants for Christmas, the much sought-after “it” present of the year, a stuffed purple unicorn.

Humor, satire and insight into the human soul combine to make this a memorable Christmas story. I highly recommend it to readers of the paranormal.

So how does one annihilate an, “…evil entity that looked like tinsel and sang Christmas carols…?” You’ll have to read the book to find out.