Staycations Rock #Mondayblogs

I have loved every minute of my staycation on Vancouver Island (off the west-coast of Canada).

My highlights.

  • savoring my morning coffee on my balcony, bathed in sunshine
  • going for high tea at the Empress in Victoria with my oldest granddaughter – catching a glimpse of what it’s like the first time and wanting to hold it forever
  • watching my gang of grandkids playing together in the endless sand at Rathtrevor beach in Parksville – the kite soared high – and the castles disappeared in the waves
  • enjoying simple meals with family from near and far
  • driving up Mount Washington to take in the breath-taking view
  • watermelon
  • eating freshly caught salmon with the fishermen who reeled it in – listening to stories about the ones that got away
  • baby smiles that make your heart melt
  • hummingbirds at my door
  • examining wooden boats created by the kids and painted with great care – “They float, Oma!”
  • eating ice-cream in Coombs with the goats
  • laughter, lots and lots of laughter
  • getting my first hole-in-one at the miniature golf course
  • listening to stories of life as a kid now-adaze – similar but different from my memories
  • watching the latest Pirate film on the big screen with granddkids
  • popcorn and card games
  • watching a baby take her first steps
  • watching a five-year old show you his first flip on a trampoline
  • And did I mention the taste of coffee in the sunshine?

Yes, I still dream of exotic European adventures, but the joy of sharing the local sights with family cannot be beat. I am blessed.

Today I’m heading out to do a tour of the Cowichan Valley vineyards and hope to come home with a Blackberry Port and more stories.

I’m not ready for winter.

‘We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings.” ~Erma Bombeck


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How About You?

What do you like to do on stayacations?

My June Newsletter #freebook and #contest

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That’s it for today. Have a great weekend.


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Too Many Women in the Room Release Day!

I love Joanne Guidoccio’s mysteries. They pull me right in. Here’s her latest. I can’t wait to read it.

Joanne Guidoccio


Gilda Greco Mystery Series, Book 2
by Joanne Guidoccio

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Not Used to Being Number 1 on Amazon #freebook

Check my stats for A Highland Ghost for Christmas (8pm PST Monday) out:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #297 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

These are the best stats I’ve had, so I’m pretty excited. I also generated one review from my promo. But sales, alas, continue to be slow.

Such is life for a ghost writer:)

Thanks for the support everyone. xo


Cover and Trailer Reveal: Too Many Women in the Room

Joann Guidoccio has another Gilda Greco cozy mystery coming out soon. I can’t wait. The last one, A Season for Killing Blondes, was delicious, filled with Italian pastry, complex characters and a subtle humor.

Joanne Guidoccio

I’m thrilled to share this cover and trailer with all of you!



When Gilda Greco invites her closest friends to a VIP dinner, she plans to share David Korba’s signature dishes and launch their joint venture— Xenia, an innovative Greek restaurant near Sudbury, Ontario. Unknown to Gilda, David has also invited Michael Taylor, a lecherous photographer who has throughout the past three decades managed to annoy all the women in the room. One woman follows Michael to a deserted field for his midnight run and stabs him in the jugular.

Gilda’s life is awash with complications as she wrestles with a certain detective’s commitment issues and growing doubts about her risky investment in Xenia. Frustrated, Gilda launches her own investigation and uncovers decades-old secrets and resentments that have festered until they explode into untimely death. Can Gilda outwit a killer bent on killing again?

Coming Soon!

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My First Paranormal Romance Guild Review!

I’m over the paranormal moon excited about this review, my first from the PRG.


Novella: A Highland Ghost for Christmas


Madison Jacobson had her heart broken when she found her boyfriend of five years with another woman. To add insult to injury, he took all the money they had saved for their wedding.

It is almost Christmas and this year she would receive a Christmas present that would forever change her life. Maddy’s best friend, Ellie, decided to give her a very unusual gift, a visit to Madame Azalea’s tea house for a reading. According to Madame Azalea there would be two men in her life both very handsome and one who wears a kilt. Maddy had already signed up for a dating service and so she was hopeful that was where she would meet her two men.
Cullen Macfie has been a ghost for three centuries and when he sees Maddy at the tea house he is smitten. The tea house hosts a poker night for ghosts and Cullen is a regular. Cullen actually has a therapist, CeeCee, who keeps attempting to mend Cullen’s ways and have him finally find his way to Heaven, only Cullen is happy where he is. Three centuries ago he was in love, but marriages were arranged. When he was caught kissing his love, her husband killed them both. His soul has stayed alive because his has been filled with hatred for the man who killed him and his sweetheart.
 Cullen and CeeCee make a deal that involves Maddy. He is given five days to make her happy, six months without visits with CeeCee, or off to Heaven. Cullen makes himself known to Maddy and they are able to communicate through his ability to write. They bake cookies together, watch TV and talk about their lives. She is falling in love with a ghost and then a flesh and blood human from the dating service comes knocking.

This was a perfect Christmas story filled with humor and love. Maddy has to choice between a ghost in a kilt or a human that can kiss her, but what she chooses is not something I will reveal. This is a story that puts a smile on your face and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team