What’s Your Origin Story? #Monday Blogs

I’ve paused my creative projects due to life. That is, I’m not writing daily or podcasting. I head-2147328_1280had to stop all of it.

I hit a wall. You know what it’s like. We’ve all hit a few bricks in our lifetime. Something happens and it makes us stop, and reconsider everything.

So … I’m creatively on pause, which is turning into a creative stewing period, which could be a good thing, or not. We’ll see.

After all, some stews don’t taste that good in the end, no matter how long they’ve simmered.

Anyway, during this pause, I’m giving myself license to explore anything that takes my interest.

I got to thinking about origin stories. First, because if I complete the trilogy I’m working on, an origin story would be a great gift to give readers for free. Second, because they say part of a strong author brand is having a compelling origin story.

What is an Origin Story?

batgirl-2442163_1920It’s the Adam & Eve tale that explains how a character or world began. For example, comic book stories all have origin stories. Think Superman and Spiderman. Knowing where a character or storyline starts helps sell the character. Typically they are stories about an underdog gaining superpowers.

Why Create a Personal Origin Story?

Readers or consumers of your product want to know where you came from and why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Consider:

Google was… two Stanford nerds in a dorm room with pizza and an algorithm. (Michael Magolis)

Interesting, eh?

In the past, when I read advice about creating my own origin story to sell myself, I blanched. My mind rattled. No one wants to know about me, not little old me. I’m really not that interesting and I don’t want to create a superwoman story to hide behind. No one likes selling themselves.

Fast forward to my stew. …  I found interesting information on origin stories. In Michael Magolis’s blog post, What Every Innovator Needs to Master: The Origin Story, he details how to find the super-hero within you.


  • What is it in you, your family or your history that led you to create, build or master your business, product, cause or mission? What are your roots—the lineage or path—you come from?
  • What are your motivations for why you do what you do? Are your motivations genuine, and pure? How can you prove it? (Think empathy and vulnerability.)
  • What are you willing to fight for? And why is this personal to you? (The secret is you are doing this so others don’t have to struggle with the same pain.)
  • Who exactly are your doing this for? Why will they give a shit?
  • What is it about your life experience that gave you the wisdom and perspective to know you can come up with something different or better?

Despite bringing a message of transformation, you must anchor your message in the past, with something familiar, that we can all identify with and relate to.

Your origins are the foundation for any innovation story. Your roots. Your strength. Your core credibility. Make sure you’re choosing fertile soil for your story to grow and ripen.”

Do I Have a Origin Story?

Not yet, but this questionnaire intrigues me. It helps me see I could write one.

Maybe I’ll take time out of my stew to write one. I’ll let you know. Simply answering the questions above I can say:

  1. My parents were good, caring people who turned to alcohol to deal with life, but the alcohol gave them more grief. From a young age, I felt there had to be better ways to manage the ups and downs of being human. I chose a creative life. To me, that sounds like a bland start for an origin story, but it is my motivation.
  2. I hope my stories entertain my readers, and connect with them on a deep level, elevating them from the daily grind.
  3. I want to show that love (for oneself and for others) conquers all.
  4. I write for women over 50, who will care about my stories because they will see themselves in them.
  5. Like my readers, I’m a survivor.

How about you? Do you have an origin story? Do you feel you want/need one?

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My First Attempt at a Logo #Mondayblogs

I love logos and I’ve wanted one forever, but my problem, besides being artistically challenged, is my writing ranges in content and style. I need a logo that fits no matter what. Here is what I came up with on Canva.

I like it because it has happy colors and a whimsical romantic feel to it.

What do you think?

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That’s it for today. Have a great weekend.


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from An Inn Decent Proposal by Sharon Buchbinder

After the hotel auction, a stunned Jim Rawlings and excited Genie King go to Sips, a local coffee house. Overwhelmed with self-doubts verging on buyer’s remorse, Jim begins to question his sanity. Genie, on the other hand, is bursting with enthusiasm and ideas…

“Why did you want this place?”

“The old girl called to me, begged me to save her.” He gave Genie a wistful smile. “Do I sound crazy?”

“You call the Inn ‘she,’ too?”

“Yes, she’s like a grand old dame who’s fallen on hard times.  Remember the parties? The famous people who stayed and played there? Celebrities came to the Inn because they knew their privacy and secrets were safe with us. If those walls could talk!  Every day was new and exciting. I would love to bring back her glory days.”

Genie leaped up, ran around the table and hugged him. “I have the same dream. We can do it.”

He hesitated for a moment, then returned the gesture, his hands unable to resist lingering on her luscious curves just a tad too long. Genie’s inviting cleavage made him wish they were somewhere private. He could scarcely breathe and had to shake his head to dispel naughty images of nuzzling her soft breasts. “We can do what?”

She sat down again, but clung to his hands. “I’ve done the research. The Inn should be in the National Park Service Historic Registry—but it isn’t. If we can get her added to the Registry, there are laws and standards about how we make the rehabilitation. We can bring it up to modern codes, but have to use certain treatments—”

“I hate to burst your bubble, but where will we get the money to do all this?” He wasn’t sure he could afford too many more big gambles like this last one.

Her face flushed and her sapphire blue eyes sparkled. “If we can get her added to the Registry, we’ll qualify for special low interest loans. And for a major tax credit. And we have a million dollars in equity.”

“Pretty, smart—and you say you can cook? If you can do all that, you are a genie.”

She released his hands, pulled her shoulders back, and inadvertently gave him a better glimpse of her bosom. Genie gave him a scalding look. “Are you challenging my cooking, Mr. Rawlings?”

Uh-oh. He never dreamed of Genie having a little temper. He couldn’t resist tweaking her. “I’m sure you’re a solid cook.”

She stood, almost knocking her chair over. “Solid? What the hell does that mean? Average? Good enough to make the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner for the family—but not good enough to cook for guests? Tell you what, Mr. Critic, you come to my house for dinner tomorrow night.” She scribbled her address on a business card and threw it on the table. “My food makes men go weak at the knees.”

Hypnotized by the sway of her voluptuous ass as she stalked out of the nearly empty café, Jim bet it wasn’t just this saucy woman’s cooking that made strong men weak.

About Sharon Buchbinder

Sharon Buchbinder and her husband used to breed and show Egyptian Maus and Color Point Persians (formerly called Himalayans). If you’ve ever seen the mockumentary, Best in Show, you have an idea of what life was like 24 out of 52 weekends a year for this wild and crazy couple. When Sharon returned to school for her PhD in 1986, she decided a doctoral program plus a toddler plus a full time job was more than enough and they placed all their cats in good homes—including their own.


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Nominated for a Rone Award – Black Cat Blues #Freebook


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The Rone awards are run by the e-magazine, InD’tale. It involves three steps:

1 – To make the nomination list you need a high rating in a book review in their magazine

2 – Readers voting for you (This is the step I’m on now.)

3 – If you make the finals list your book is read by a small team of professionals in the industry.

Of course, I would love to make it to stage three, but I am honored to have made it to stage 2 in the Thriller category. If you feel so inclined, please go to the InD’tale site , sign in and vote for me (top right hand corner for both – I’m week 4 in the Rones).

Yes, in order to vote you must be signed up for the site, but some of you already belong. So that’s my news. If you vote for me – Thank You. If you don’t, I hope you are silently cheering.

And while you’re visiting the Rone site, I’d like to suggest you also vote for:

my daughter JC McKenzie (she has two nominations under Paranormal, but wants you to vote for this one, Beast of All),



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