2 Marketing Tips from Kevin Tumlinson

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Kevin Tumlinson’s #1 Writing Tip

This clip is from my interview with Kevin Tumlinson, which you can listen to here.

Anne Janzer: Why Brain Science is Important to Writers and Marketing

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MurderChristmas_CVR_LRGMurder for Christmas

Agatha Christie meets The House of Usher

When code-breaker Madison Rathborne gets an all-expense paid trip to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest the week before Christmas, she expects a peaceful getaway from the fake Santas in the city and the drama of her family’s turkey feast, but Deadman’s Island offers no such sanctuary. Trapped in a maze of secrets, scandals and murder, with a side of ghost, Maddy struggles to make sense of it all. Macabre stories of gruesome deaths on the estate go back centuries. Her logical mind refuses to believe in legends, but there’s no reasonable explanation for what’s going on around her.

Twelve strangers invited to the gathering discover turkey is not the only thing on the menu, as one by one they meet their maker.

Will Mad Rath’s superior logician skills crack the mystery before the killer gets her? Or is there a supernatural force at work that cannot be conquered?

William Nikkel: Homicide Detective to Author

William Nikkel is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of CAVE DWELLER. He’s a retired homicide investigator turned author, a member of the International Thriller Writers organization (ITW). He’s the author of 8 Jack Ferrell mystery- suspense novels, a Jack Ferrell novella, and two Max Traver steampunk westerns.

A former homicide detective and S.W.A.T. team member for the Kern County Sheriff’s Department in Bakersfield , California, William is an amateur scuba enthusiast, gold prospector and artist. He and his wife Karen divide their time between California and Maui, Hawaii.

My 3 takeaways from this episode:

  1. your life experiences inform your writing
  2. he strives to keep all his characters authentic and their interactions with the police believable
  3. he believes readers want to escape real life and go through the door with the sign that reads, “No Admittance” – he takes them there

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Two Tips Tuesday

William Nikkel’s main character, Jack Ferrel, reminds me of one of my favorite detectives, John D. MacDonald’s, Travis McGee, who has been described as, “the last of the great knights-errant: honorable, sensual, skillful, and tough.” (Donald Westlake)
So … today I thought I’d quote Travis:


“Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won’t cheat, then you know he never will. Integrity is not a search for the rewards of integrity. Maybe all you ever get for it is the largest kick in the ass the world can provide. It is not supposed to be a productive asset.”
― John D. MacDonald
I think integrity is an important quality in the characters we write and in how we as writerpreneurs conduct business.


“We were about to give up and call it a night when somebody threw the girl off the bridge.”
― John D. MacDonald, Darker Than Amber
Never underestimate the element of surprise in plots:)

Erotica vs Erotic Romance

Today on my podcast, Blood Sweat and Words, I talk with multi-published author Bonnie Edwards about sex on the page and writing in general. It’s a fun show, full of interesting asides. Bonnie talks about the notes she’s received from readers and the experience of being a hybrid author.

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P.S. I spent all day yesterday trying to upload the MP3 to my podcast host, so it feels particularly wonderful that it made it. [snort] Technology can be such a bugaboo.

Words of Wisdom #Monday Blogs

Have I told you how much I love podcasting lately? Well, I’ll say it again. I love being a podcast host.

I love interviewing people and talking with them about writing, their passions …  their lives. People always surprise me. I’m humbled that they let me into their lives.

Mary's photo 300dpiThis week I interviewed Mary Buckham. The episode won’t go live until December, but I couldn’t wait to talk about it, at least a little part of it. One of her statements that blew me away was about making mistakes.

I always say if you fall down, you get back up again. You know the Chinese proverb that if you get up one more time than you fail, you succeed.  Don’t we all say: If  you try something and you fail, you try again. At least that’s what I always said.

Mary stopped me, “No, no, no,” she said. “You don’t fail. You try and you learn.”

“You try and you learn.”

I wish I had that line back when I was teaching kids. There is no “fail” in the process. You try and you learn. It’s perfect. Words have power, they embed themselves in your head, your heart, your spirit. I’m adopting this line.

I hope you have a week of trying and learning:)

Mary Buckham’s episode about Multi-Streams Income for Writers will air December 11th on Blood, Sweat and Words.

C.J. Hunt – Helping Authors

Today on my podcast, Blood, Sweat and Words I’m chatting with C.J. Hunt about her writing life and the on-line business she created to help other authors.

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