My Gigantic Rafflecopter Winners (all 21!)

I hope you enjoyed my first big rafflecopter. I plan to host one every time I launch a new story, because I love my readers. You guys rock!

Here are my 21 winners:

$50.00 Amazon Gift Card – Lujuana Miller

$25.00 Amazon Gift Card – Sandi Frazier

The following gifts are e-book copies:

Cheating Death …  Terri Quick

Cheating Death – Celeste Herrin

Cheating Death – Dwayne Berry

Cheating Death – Cythia Fay Sharp

Cheating Death – Joan LoBrutto

Cheating Death – Nicole Newman

Cheating Death – Mattia Pala

Cheating Death – Victoria Rozell

Cheating Death – Kara Vaughan Marks

Cheating Death  – Paula Riccobono

A Highland Ghost for Christmas – Miranda Bly

A Highland Ghost for Christmas – Tony Cannova

A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day – Richard Brandt

A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day – Michelle Butterfly

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Catherine Bogert

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Erin Smith

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Paula Humbrick

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Amber Terry

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Edye

xx participated in this giveaway. Thank you.

A Note to Winners:

The gift cards have already been sent. The ebook prizes will be sent within the next 24 hours. Please pick them up within the next 48 hours.

5 Things I Like About Humpday

  1. It’s not Monday.
  2. That time-ahead and time-behind feeling of being on an adventure.
  3. No one expects much of me on a Wednesday.
  4. I’m half way there and the fact that I’m up and out of bed means I’m more than half way.
  5. I have time left to finish.

How about you? Any thoughts on Wednesdays?

Feeling lucky?

To celebrate the launch of my first anthology: Cheating Death: The Gambling Ghosts Anthology, I’ve set up a gigantic giveaway for my readers.

Prizes include:

  • $50. gift card
  • $25.00 gift card
  • 21 e-books

Rafflecopter link

A Gigantic Launch #Giveaway for Cheating Death #Mondayblogs

To celebrate the launch of my first anthology: Cheating Death: The Gambling Ghosts Anthology, I’ve set up a gigantic giveaway for my readers.

Prizes include:

  • $50. gift card
  • $25.00 gift card
  • 21 e-books

Rafflecopter link



Launch Day * Confessions of a Pirate Ghost!!!

Everyone has secrets.

Escaping the clutches of a mobster, art forger Harley Davis dives off a yacht in the middle of the night and swims ashore to Sunset Cove, a small town in the Pacific Northwest, where the only light she sees comes from inside a haunted teahouse. Soaking wet and shaking, she pauses at the door. No one in their right mind would enter such a creepy place, but she has no choice. She needs to hide.

Pirate ghost, Three-Sheets, enjoys his extended life on earth, gambling and flirting with the ladies, but when he meets Harley, he discovers he wants more out of death than a good gambling hand.

As the charming Three Sheets woos Harley, her former boss puts a contract on her head. What do you get when you mix a saucy thief, a pirate ghost and an angry godfather? Another fun, Gambling Ghost story.

BUY LINK – early-bird price $0.99

Confessions of a Pirate Ghost is the third novella in the Gambling Ghosts Series.


 Are You Interested in a Draw for a $25.00 Gift Card?

To enter the draw: purchase Confessions of a Pirate Ghost, post a review for it on Amazon  and send me the link ( You need to post the link before April 7th. By doing so you will help me push the novella to the top of the rankings.

Your chances of winning, I guestimate to be 1 in twenty, and you get the added bonus of helping me promote my ghost stories.

Until next we meet,

May the Ghosts be with you,


#Paranormal Romance Giveaway + #Free Book

Win up to 35+ Paranormal Romance eBooks!

(2) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks!
(32) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)

Click the graphic to link to the contest page. Good Luck!

Here’s your chance to read my first book, Covert Danger, for free. If you like female spies, exotic bad guys and romance, you’ll like this one. It’s a cross between Indiana Jones and Covert Affairs.

Free Button

Happy Reading,



Why I Like Amazon Book Giveaways

This week I decided to try the Amazon Book Giveaway Program. And I love it.

The Positives:

  • I chose how many books I want to give away (I chose 5)
  • I chose how the winners are picked (every hundredth person)
  • Amazon takes care of choosing the winners, notifying them and shipping the books.
  • I chose what I wanted the readers to do (follow me on Amazon)

What I think could be better:

  • I’d prefer to have control over how long the giveaway lasts. It’s only 7 days. (So I also have a Goodreads Giveaway running for a month.)
  • Only Americans can participate.

The Kicker

And here it is. When this giveaway is over I will have 500 new followers on Amazon who are interested in my writing. That means that when I launch my new book, Ain’t Misbehavin’, on April 18th all my Amazon followers, plus the new 500 will be notified. I think that’s cool.




What do you think? Any comments on Giveaways?shutterstock_104723360 (1)


Amazon #Suspense #Givaway – Black Cat Blues

Maggy Malone, a curvy, blond, blues singer with a sultry voice and a razor sharp mind is starting her life over after a lousy marriage… when a dying man tells her a secret. A deadly secret.

How does the giveaway work? Toggle the link below and you’ll be able to sign up for the contest. Every hundredth person who signs up will win a book. There are five books available.

Good luck!


Maggy Malone,


The look she gave him was like a shot of good cognac, filled with heat and complexity. And hot… so hot it burned. The woman knew how to use words, but she knew even better—how not toAdd subheading