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Creating a Christmas Whodunit Party – Part 2

In the name of seasonal fun I’m writing a Christmas Whodunit Party plan on my blog. Hopefully you, my readers, will help me, or kill me in the process. This is the second part.

The Femme Fatale!

Who doesn’t love a wicked  Femme Fatale in a story?

Definition: A femme fatale “… is a stock character a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. She is an archetype of literature and art. Her ability to entrance and hypnotise her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon, having power over men. ” (Wikipedia)

Sinfully seductive Sadie Sugarland is loved by all men and hated by their wives and girlfriends. With a reputation that would make romance writer blush, she sashays her way around social gatherings marking her territory with broken hearts. Some say she once was a high class Madame in Paris. Others say she is the spawn of the devil. Whatever her background, one thing is clear, Sadie knows all the pillow secrets in town.

Sadie’s 2 Truths and a Lie Card

(The 2 truths and a lie cards are used when party members mingle.)

Truth: Sadie has piercings in her most of her private places and a tattoo of a fox on her lower back.

Truth: Sadie …

Lie: Damian Black asked Sadie to marry him.

My questions to you:

  1. Can you come up with alternative names for Sadie. Pussy Galore is taken btw.
  2. What is the second truth for Sadie?

The Christmas Whodunit Party Series:

Part 1 – Setting and Victim

Part 2 – The Femme Fatale

To recap we now have a setting, a victim (Damian Black) and a femme fatale (Sadie Sugarland).

btw – The winner of my Midnight Magic Launch Rafflecopter Giveaway is Debbie Penney. Congratulations Debbie.

My #Giveaway is Almost Over

My Gigantic Rafflecopter Winners (all 21!)

I hope you enjoyed my first big rafflecopter. I plan to host one every time I launch a new story, because I love my readers. You guys rock!

Here are my 21 winners:

$50.00 Amazon Gift Card – Lujuana Miller

$25.00 Amazon Gift Card – Sandi Frazier

The following gifts are e-book copies:

Cheating Death …  Terri Quick

Cheating Death – Celeste Herrin

Cheating Death – Dwayne Berry

Cheating Death – Cythia Fay Sharp

Cheating Death – Joan LoBrutto

Cheating Death – Nicole Newman

Cheating Death – Mattia Pala

Cheating Death – Victoria Rozell

Cheating Death – Kara Vaughan Marks

Cheating Death  – Paula Riccobono

A Highland Ghost for Christmas – Miranda Bly

A Highland Ghost for Christmas – Tony Cannova

A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day – Richard Brandt

A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day – Michelle Butterfly

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Catherine Bogert

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Erin Smith

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Paula Humbrick

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Amber Terry

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match – Edye

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A Note to Winners:

The gift cards have already been sent. The ebook prizes will be sent within the next 24 hours. Please pick them up within the next 48 hours.