Gotta Love Archie #fbf #FlashbackFriday

It’s Flashback Friday.

I loved Archie comics as a kid, my daughters loved Archie comics and now my granddaughter loves Archie comics. They are great entertainment. And now there’s the Netflix series, Riverdale, filmed in Vancouver, which is far more mature than the comics, but still features the kids from the original comics.

What memories do Archie comics bring back for me?

  • lazy Sundays and summer holidays
  • stretching out on the back seat for a long car ride to visit relatives
  • imagining stories with my favorite characters.

What I loved most was that the stories always ended happily. Life in Riverdale was perfect.

Your turn. Did you read Archie comics? What memories do they bring back for you?

Vinyl Memories -#FlashbackFriday

Old songs take me back in time. Here’s one of my favorites:

The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black

It reminds me of my thirteenth summer, my first dance, swimming off the dock in Lake Simcoe (an hour out of Toronto), and the cottage life. Every time I hear it, I’m transported back in time.

How about you?