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Winner of the Pirate Review Contest

The winner of the Review Contest Draw for Confessions of a Pirate Ghost is [drum roll] Angel Crum. I’ve sent her a $25.00 Amazon gift card, which I hope she will have fun spending.

How did I do it? I put numbers in my skeleton cup and drew one. Each number corresponded to the number in my email list. While I had many reviews, only seven people emailed me a link, so they each had a one in seven chance of winning.

A huge, thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you, to all my readers and reviewers. You’ve helped me push my novella higher than any other story I’ve published. I reached a ranking of 4,223 in Amazon books sales, 7 in short reads Sci fi and Fantasy (and two of the spots ahead of me were taken by JK Rowling and another by a Nebula award winner), 43 in short reads, ghosts and 85 in short reads romance. I also made 2nd in short reads, sci-fi and fantasy hot new releases. I’m pretty excited. Please, keep spreading the word.

Now, I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee, pick up a book and have a good read.

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Ancient Danger on Page 1 – Cover Contest



Ancient Danger is on page one of the Yellow Rose RWA, Cover the Words Contest.

If you like the cover (designed by Nina French) please vote and help me stay on the first page.

You don’t have to sign in, or sign up for anything. ūüôā

Click here for the link.

The contest ends on Sept. 30th. You can vote more than once and for more than one title.

Thanks, my friends.

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My First Magazine Ad

Basic RGBThis ad, designed by Nina French, will be featured in a quarter page space in the September InD`Scribe magazine. I`m thrilled. I love the swirls.

The cover design for Ancient Danger won this opportunity in a public poll, which many of you voted in. Thank you.


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A New Cover Contest


Dear friends, here I go again asking for your help. Ancient Danger is in another Creme de la Cover Contest with InD’tale Magazine. This time I have a chance of winning a full page ad in the magazine, so if you feel so inclined, please go to the following link and vote: Cover Contest


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Ancient Danger wins the InD’tale Cover Contest

ancient-danger-small1Thank you my dear friends for voting for the cover of Ancient Danger. It won in last week’s InD’tale magazine contest and will be featured in ¬†a 1/4 page ad in the September edition. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

Huge credit goes to Nina French the cover designer who created it. She is both talented and easy to work with.

In February this cover will be in another contest against other winning covers for the Creme de la Cover contest. The prize is a full page ad. Great fun.

How Important are Contests?

I enjoy entering them, because they give me feedback on my work. Writing is like running a marathon up hills, down valleys and through bogs. When my effort is recognized in contests it gives me an adrenaline rush. Not as big as a sale, mind you, but still a rush. When it’s a writing contest it also gives me feedback, which helps me become a better writer. Competiting make me better.

Anyway… I had to share.


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A Launch Date, Newsletter and Contest

from EA (1)April 1st Launch Date

Yup, my Mata Hari series will launch on April fools’ day. I’ll be releasing three titles on the first. More will follow shortly afterwards. Btw did I mention, the first book, Covert Danger came third in the Sheila contest. Yay!

What is the Mata Hari Series?

A single woman – a double life.

A cross between Indiana Jones and Covert Affairs.

Fashion model by day and a spy by night, Sadie Stewart is a femme fatale to be reckoned with and the Mata Hari series is a collection of her stories.

Jo-Ann’s Newsletter¬†

I’ll be sending out a¬†newsletter ever second month to keep readers informed about my writing projects, contests and publication dates. You can subscribe here.DSCN2098


If you sign up for my newsletter you have a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. A winner will be announced at the end of October. So far there are only two names on my list (mine and PJs) and we don’t count, so your odds are good.

Your turn

Have you turned yourself inside out lately creating a newsletter or starting out on a new SM platform? ¬†I’d love to hear your stories.

Pssst – don’t forget the contest.




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Death by Chocolate and the Daphne 2014

The Kiss of Death on-line chapter of the RWA met for their annual Death ¬†by Chocolate event in San Antonio during the Nationals. Chocolate, laughter and lots of hugging. It was a great event. The chocolate was divine and I don’t regret a bite. Waiting to hear the results of the unpublished Daphne du Maurier contest gave me the jitters, but that’s all part of the writing life.

I didn’t place this year. I received an honorable mention and (drum roll) a request for a full manuscript from the agent who judged my category. Exciting times.DSCN2433