A Feel Great Book

Silver Bells

by Ev Bishop

51Qv0dY84TLSilver Bells is a delightful story filled with love, laughter, and light that left me feeling as if everything in the world is all right.
Bishop pulled me into a cold, winter’s night a few days before Christmas, and started her story. The heroine Bryn is traveling to be with her family for the holidays but her mind is filled with memories of her last boyfriend who had left her feeling inadequate. As the storm worsens Bryn pulls to the side of the road and witnesses a truck spinning out of control. Despite the blizzard conditions, despite being a woman alone, despite it being dark outside … well, despite everything she gets out of her car to check on the driver of the other vehicle which had run off the road.
Bryn meets Sean, a diamond in the snow, you might say, and they fall in love. Their love story isn’t easy and there’s a heart-wrenching twist that I won’t give away. I warn you, it’s a real page-turner.
Ev Bishop writes memorable romance, with very real characters and lots of love.

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Book Review for Stitches and Witches

Stitches and Witches, A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

by Nancy Warren

51iTVx3+ssL-2In Stitches and Witches, Warren crafts a tightly knitted cozy mystery within a fantastical world of vampires, witches, and wool. Her finely defined characters are so unique and likable they drew me into their world.
The murder, set in a tea room, was so brilliantly written I didn’t see it coming. Intrigued by all the subplot action in the room, the murder came as a complete surprise. Loved it!
As Lucy unravels the whodunit, the mystery deepens in delicious detail. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy light fantasy, witch cozies, or just a good yarn (pun intended).

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Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t – My Review




But it’s true. So the point is: Don’t write sh*t. 

In Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t, Steven Pressfield describes his journey as a writer and what he learned along the way about creating a strong story. His crystal-clear prose makes it all sound surprisingly easy, but we know it’s not.

On a five point scale I’d give this book a ten. You can download it for free here in ebook, mobi and pdf formats.

With eloquence Pressfield references many classic books on writing such as Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat taking their ideas and weaving them into a larger tapestry with a fluid intellect that left me breathless. Every page held me in awe.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

“Problems seeking solutions. This is a powerful way of thinking about the creative process.” (chapter 20)

“Art is artifice.” (chapter 24)

“… a story (whether it’s a movie, a play a novel or a piece of non-fiction) is experienced by the reader on the level of the soul. And the soul has a universal structure of narrative receptors. Jung was right. There is a collective unconscious. Joseph Campbell was right. Myths and legends do constitute the fabric of the self.”

When he discussed the “Point of No Return,” he commented: “A great epiphany moment not only defines the stakes and the jeopardy for the protagonist and for the audience but it states the theme and answers the question, ‘What is this story about.'” (Chapter 70)

“Truth is not the truth. Fiction is the truth.” (chapter 77) [I had to really think about that one.]

“… nobody wants to read your sh*t. We cannot give our readers ore. We must give them gold.” (ch 89)


I started out reading the book on Kindle, but it was hard not to write down every one of his lines in my notebook. Half-way through I downloaded a print copy and started underlining (almost every line).

Pressfield covers all the fundamentals of story writing: the three act structure, hero’s journey, high concept, theme, resistance, sub-text, epiphany moment for the protagonist, the villain’s brilliant speech …

I was mesmerized, am mesmerized … and am back attacking my wip with I think a better eye.

It would be good practice for me to re-read this book before I start each project. It really is that good.

Where credit is due: I read about the book on Seth Godin’s blog earlier this week.



19th Amazon Review in for Black Cat Blues

And it’s a five star!!!

19th Amazon ReviewJust in-

Act of Trust – a new book by Marsha R West #911 #review

IMG_3093Thanks for having me Jo-Ann. You asked why ACT OF TRUST was a personal story to me. Here’s the answer.

If you’re of a certain age, 9/11 resonates with you in the way Pearl Harbor did with the Greatest Generation.

We all know where we were when the planes hit the towers. Many lost loved ones or acquaintances, and we all have our stories. My younger daughter and her husband moved to New York City on Sunday 9/9.

On Tuesday morning, September 11, as the principal in an elementary school, I’d arrived at my regular time, around 7:15 to get a jump-start on the day. My husband normally left later for his downtown office to miss the traffic. He never went in that day after receiving a call from a good friend telling him to turn on the TV.  Avoiding high-rise office buildings seemed a good idea.

Trying to keep staff, kids, and parents calm in the face of what we didn’t know took my focus. I kept my cool until my assistant principal brought it to my attention that some teachers thought it a good idea to let their students watch the events on TV. Even from a historical perspective, I saw no reason for this especially for our kindergartners and first graders. I directed all TVs turned off around children.

Speculation was rampant as we all wondered if WWIII had begun. Nerves frayed. Tempers flared. Tears fell.

Parents flocked the school to take their children home. Whether they’d be safe there or not was immaterial. They wanted to have their family close. Making sure students went with the right person was a priority for my staff. A crisis makes a good opportunity for a non-custodial parent to take a child they don’t have the right to. That would’ve just added strain, stress, and fear to an overloaded situation. We were thorough even when parents wanted us to hurry.

Our school was near an industrial area with large oil containers and a railroad track ran near. At this point, our disaster practices included only fire and tornado drills. My imagination painted dreadful pictures of those tanks exploding.

My daughter and her husband had gone their separate ways that morning. He rode a train to Connecticut where he did marketing for a theatre company. My daughter took a train toward the theatre district to begin rehearsals for a show. When she came up out of the subway, a dust-filled sky met her eyes and people crowded the streets heading uptown. She and her husband didn’t see each other until early evening, but they talked.

It was three that afternoon before I knew they were all right. So, you see ACT OF TRUST is a personal story to me. I was one of the very lucky ones. My family was okay.

Maybe that’s why I so admire those who’ve gone on after losing a loved one in this tragic experience. I can’t imagine it, though, as a writer, that’s my job. My intent was to honor their loss and commend their courage. I hope people find comfort in the happily ever after ending of this story.

I will send a portion of the sale of each book to the 9/11 Memorial Gardens and Museum. If you care to donate directly, as well, here’s the link: http://www.911memorial.org/


A widow since 9/11 and a mother of grown daughter, Kate Thompson wants to
keep her and her daughter safe, but the inheritance of land in Maine pushes her out of her comfort zone in Texas and into the arms of a Maine lawyer.

Maine lawyer and environmentalist, Jim Donovan wants to protect Aunt Liddy’s land and keep it from falling into the hands of the developers, but first he has to convince Kate Thompson she should hold on to the family land when she doesn’t even want to go look at it. However, he’s unprepared for the attraction each feels for the other, but denies exists.

Will they be able to settle the land deal before anyone else is killed or they break each other’s hearts?


Mildred stopped and nailed Kate with a beady-eyed stare. “You do plan to turn over the Thompson land to the Conservancy Trust, don’t you?”

“I don’t know yet, Mildred. My daughter’s coming to visit, and then we’ll decide together what we want to do with the land. It’s possible she’ll want to keep it in the family. Be a nice place for her to get away from the hectic-ness of New York City.”

“Liddy would be pleased with either the Trust or you keeping it in the family, but she’ll haunt you if you sell to Holland.”

Kate leaned away. The venom in the woman’s tone made Kate’s heart rate trip up and her hands grow sweaty. Mildred completely believed her statement, enough to cause Kate nightmares.

“She’s giving every option plenty of consideration,” Jim jumped in. Was he afraid Mildred’s hard sell would reverse Kate’s leaning in his direction?

“I’ve had my say. Good night to you both.”

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Marsha R. West Bio

Marsha R. West, a retired elementary school principal, is also a former school board member and threatre arts teacher. She writes Romance, Suspense, and Second Chances. Experience Required. Marsha lives in Texas with her supportive lawyer husband. Their two daughters presented them with three delightful grandchildren who live nearby. A new dog, Charley, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix recently joined the family.

MuseItUp Publishing released her first book, VERMONT ESCAPE in July 2013; her second book, TRUTH BE TOLD, in May 2014. In the Fall of 2014, Marsha formed MRW Press LLC to provide a print versions of her books. SECOND ACT, Book 1 of the Second Chances Series follows up with a secondary character from VERMONT ESCAPE and begins a four-part series. ACT OF TRUST is Book 2 of the Second Chances Series.

She’s had lots of fun doing book club presentations. If you’re interested, you can contact her at marsha@marsharwest.com or through her web site http://www.marsharwest.com  or at http://sistersofsuspense.com/

http://eepurl.com/bBcimz Newsletter Sign up

http://www.marsharwest.com/category/blog/ for Thoughts on Thursday https://www.facebook.com/#!/marsha.r.west  @marsha.r.west

http://www.twitter.com/Marsharwest  @Marsharwest



My Review on Amazon and Goodreads

She Needs to Trust Him
The heroine Texan, Kate Thompson is a strong, mature woman with a heavy heart. Tormented by the loss of her husband in the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City she hasn’t been able to become involved with another man.
Kate describes the hero, lawyer Jim Donovan as a, “hard-boiled Yankee with a hint of Maine Accent.” As a reader I fell in love with him immediately, because he is so honest and caring.
Kate inherits land in Maine, which she intends to sell. It’s the practical thing to do. Jim wants her to sell it to the Maine Coast Conservancy Trust, but they are offering a tenth of the money the realtor who wants to develop the land has offered. Jim convinces her to come with him to see the land before she makes a decision.
It begins as a tender love story as these two strong characters with opposing goals are drawn together. Sparks fly. But wait, things are not what they seem. I don’t want to spoil the story here, but I will say that as the mystery behind Kate’s aunt’s death becomes clear, the momentum of the story picks up and it becomes a page turner. I rooted for Kate all the way.
A great read. If you believe in second chances, you’ll love this story.

First 10 Reviews for Black Cat Blues #Suspense #Vancouver





Marshas review4lovereview




I can’t thank the reviewers enough for taking the time to leave a note for other readers to see on Amazon. It’s the best way to spread the news. You guys rock!

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#Book Review of Cold in the Shadows by Toni Anderson

I have eclectic tastes when it comes to reading and favorite authors in many Toni Anderson bio picgenres. My very favorite Romantic Suspense writer is Toni Anderson. I’m totally a “fan girl” of her work and I particularly like her Barkley Sound Series because it is set on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I also like her new series, the Cold Justice Series.

This review is of her latest book, released this week.

tonie shadows
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Review – Cold in the Shadows (Cold Justice Series, Volume 5)  by Toni Anderson

There are three reasons I love Toni Anderson’s books.

  •  Her rich prose  pulls me into the story
  •  Her characters are complex and very human.
  •  Her plot twists shock me every time.

In Cold in the Shadows she delivers another awesome read.

The story opens with the heroine Audrey walking to her home in the Columbian rainforest. Anderson’s precise prose puts me right in the scene: “It was so dark she could barely see her hand in front of her face. Behind her, the scream of a howler monkey filled the air. Her heart virtually stopped.”

The romance is also quintessential Toni Anderson. Using subtle lines here and there, the sexual tension grows between the characters until it’s far from subtle. When the hero first meets the heroine he notices, “She had a wicked chuckle that seemed to affect a certain part of his anatomy that should know better.” He was hunting an assassin. After all the couple goes through he declares, “I did not expect you to tear down my world so that I had to rebuild it from scratch, but that’s what you did.” I felt his conflict. The love story is both textured and fresh.

And then there’s the humor. The frog jokes are great.

The story? Patrick Killion is a CIA spook hunting an assassin. Audrey, a PHD research biologist, is his chief suspect. First, he has to keep her alive long enough to figure out if she did it. Second, he has to not succumb to their amazing chemistry. And third, he has to make it right. Audrey is swept into the horror of being wanted by Columbian drug dealers and the CIA. What’s a girl to do? It’s a winding plot with lots of drama and intrigue.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes Romance, Suspense or Romantic Suspense. It’s a great read.

I’m sending my review to Amazon and Goodreads with a 5 star rating.

Warning: Do not start this book if you have something you really need to do. I’m just saying – I warned you.