Tagline Crazy #Mondayblogs

My monthly newsletter is lined up to go out on Thursday, but I’m stuck on one line: the tagline for my upcoming release: Death by Seance. I’m pleading for help.

Here are some of my ideas, but I’m wide-open for more:

When you call on the dead, duck [awkward, but a perfect fit in terms of tone and content]

A Deadly Whodunit [already implied in the title]

Never trust the dead [a little on the  ghoulish side]

Abby takes on the dead [true but boring]

A Witchy Whodunit [bland, but hits the mark]

Betrayal from Beyond the Grave [too telling]

Lies, Love & Laughter

Any help would be much appreciated. Contact me in all the usual ways.











Death by Seance – Cover Reveal #Mondayblogs


Isn’t she beautiful.

It’s created by Authors on a Dime.

I’m nearing the crisis point in the first draft, so I’m guestimating a Spring launch. I ordered the cover early to inspire me, and it has.

What do you think?

My Paperback Midnight Magic Books Arrived #Mondayblogs

Starting the new year with new paperbacks. I love the feel of them. Pure magic!

I’m getting ready, slowly but surely, for ComicCon in March.

I hope you’re enjoying the magic of the first day of a new year.

I Messed Up Christmas – Release Day

A Christmas story sure to make you smile, for only 99 cents USD.

~magical mayhem for the holidays~

Single mom Abby Jenkins runs a detective agency out of a haunted teahouse in the Pacific Northwest town of Sunset Cove, and while she finds tackling the usual supernatural suspects easy, she can’t face Christmas. She wants this one to be perfect for her kids. With a yuletide to-do list longer than Main Street, a jealous Viking-ghost boyfriend with existential issues, and unreliable witch powers, she’s in a twisted-tinsel, holiday funk, when the mayor asks her to find a missing angel. The statue, which sat on top of the Christmas tree in the town square for the last hundred years, symbolizes all that’s good about the holidays: love, peace and joy. Abby drops everything to look for the stolen angel.

Will she find Christmas along the way?

More Information

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My #Giveaway is Almost Over


A Top Amazon Reviewer!!! Reviews Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic got the most amazing five star review. I may not breathe for a week:

Dripping with atmosphere and personality

VINE VOICEon November 13, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I’ve been involved in the Amazon Top Reviewer community for years, and in the course of that I’ve been exposed to dozens and dozens of self-published books by hopeful nascent authors. Sadly, most of those efforts are poorly written messes full of bad writing — comprising every sort of mistake you can imagine.

A few are jewels in the rough, where I enjoy the book, and when possible and I think the author would like the feedback, I note a few things that might help improve their writing.

Exactly four times in eight years of exploring self-published authors, I’ve come across work that the NY houses should have found and latched on to.

Jo-Ann Carson is my fourth discovery for that list.

Midnight Magic is exquisitely executed prose. I’ve done a lot of writing, and some people tell me that I’m a pretty good writer. But I would shrink with trepidation from the prospect of writing a scene that simultaneously gives a reader shivering goosebumps and makes them chuckle. That’s talent.

Now, along with that talent for scene crafting comes a ripping good story, with imaginative characters and settings which breathe life fully into the author’s make-believe world(s). I’d be tempted to enumerate some of the interesting and amusing touches in the book, but it would be a disservice. I know from my own experience that you’ll much more enjoy coming across those interesting surprises on your own.

We have in Midnight Magic an appealing heroine, metaphysical friends and encounters, nasty creatures, and humorous relationships that I won’t detail per my preceding paragraph. LOL The story immediately grabbed me, and it didn’t let up. Haunted houses have received countless treatments, and you’ll quickly encounter one here that won’t remind you that you’ve read about them before.

I found everything here to be fresh and inventive, and I’m most certainly looking forward to more about these characters and from this author.

Well done, and certainly recommended.

Writers dream of finding readers who appreciate their work. To find one that is also a selected Amazon reviewer (i.e., a Vine Voice) is a dream come through. I am so grateful.

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Midnight Magic Launches Today #Mondayblogs

My latest book Midnight Magic launches today. It’s my best book yet and I can’t wait to hear how people like it. Check out my newsletter for more information (including a giveaway and a contest):

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