Vinyl Memories -#FlashbackFriday

Old songs take me back in time. Here’s one of my favorites:

The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black

It reminds me of my thirteenth summer, my first dance, swimming off the dock in Lake Simcoe (an hour out of Toronto), and the cottage life. Every time I hear it, I’m transported back in time.

How about you?

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

SMART, SEXY, SUSPENSE ... with a touch of magic Jo-Ann Carson writes romance twisted with suspense and polished humor. Her strong characters take you on a fast and fun journey. Currently she’s writing the Gambling Ghost series, a sweet and saucy mix of fantasy, adventure and romance. guaranteed to warm your heart, make you laugh out loud and leave you craving a ghost of your own. Jo-Ann loves to interact with readers and can be found on social media: Website -

6 thoughts on “Vinyl Memories -#FlashbackFriday”

  1. Some of my favorite oldie-goldies include “Blowing in the Wind” by Peter, Paul & Mary; “Brown-eyed Girl” by Van Morrison; “Your Wildest Dreams” by The Moody Blues.

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend! 🙂

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  2. “Paint it Black” is my favorite Rolling Stones song, Jo-Ann! And, like Joanne, I love “Brown-eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, too. I’m part of your vintage 😉 I’ll also add “Dreamer” by Ozzy Osbourne & “I Saved the World Today” by the Eurythmics as fave songs. Not sure if they remind of a time or place, but I do love them.


  3. So many songs that I like take me back to my college days and I can pretty much guess what year they came out. Music was especially important to me in my college years. I fell asleep listening to albums with my college roommate. My last year of college, my nursing degree was a 4.5 year program, I lived at my sister and brother-in-law’s home and listened to Woodstock many nights with headphones on. Bill and I went on our first “official” date when I was living at my sister’s.


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