Want to Participate in a #Gratitude Gathering?

What is it?  ~ a Gratitude Gathering. It’s a blog party with the theme of gratitude.

When: from now until Monday January 30th

Where? All over, but the center point is here.

Who’s going? Bloggers interested in linking to a larger discussion on gratitude, and readers interested in reading and commenting on blog posts about gratitude.

How? Bloggers write a post on Gratitude on their own blog (1-3 things you feel grateful for this month – some time between now and Monday) and add their post link to the Inlinkz gizmo (below).

Use photos, prose, poetry, drawings or any combination you choose to honor your topic.

I’ll post the list of participating blogs on Monday January 3oth on this blog. We’ll all visit the blogs posted on the list created by Inlinkz.

Why? To build a network of bloggers talking about gratitude.

What’s the  Big Plan? If it works smoothly I’ll repeat the Gratitude Gathering once a month.


  1. Post the froggy button below on your blog and encourage your readers to visit the event. If you don’t know how to take it from this post email me and I’ll give you the html. (My email is connect@jo-anncarson.com)
  2. Read and comment on your fellow bloggers’s posts (as many as you have time to read).
  3.  Use the Gratitude photo below in your post.
  4. Publicize your own post and the event through SM.

Join the The Gratitude Gathering

P.S. Here is what I’m grateful about. Yesterday my latest book, A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day  hit #4 on an Amazon list and was ranked 5,324 in sales.


Author: Jo-Ann Carson

Jo-Ann Carson writes a saucy mix of fantasy, adventure and romance. Her latest stories are in the Gambling Ghosts Series: A Highland Ghost for Christmas, A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day, Confessions of a Pirate Ghost and The Biker Ghost Meets his Match. An anthology of the novellas will be coming out this summer. Currently she is working on Midnight Magic, A Ghost & Abby Mystery, the first book in a spin-off series from her Viking ghost story. Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, playing Mah Jong and drinking good coffee. You can chat with her on social media: You can find all her links on her website - http://jo-anncarson.com

2 thoughts on “Want to Participate in a #Gratitude Gathering?”

  1. I”m jumping on board and will post tomorrow, Jo-Ann. Will contact you if I have trouble getting the frog and the button to work. Not familiar with pngs.:) I usually use jpgs. Like the concept and love being apart of something so uplifting.


    1. Hi Marsha,
      I’m thrilled you’re coming to the party.
      To test the frog I put in a link to a post. Just the url at the top of the page. It took it. Then I had the option of adding a photo and I pulled a jpg from my picture file on my computer. It took it. So I’m not sure where you would need a jpg, but we’ll figure this out.
      I’m trying to figure out how to display it all on Monday.
      This should be fun.
      all the best,


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