My Blogging Themes for 2017

This year I’m adopting a theme for each month and will post mostly on Mondays.

My writing news will be thrown in, only when necessary. If you want to follow my publishing news closely, check out my newsletter.

Guest Posts

I  welcome others to submit pieces (prose, poetry or drawings) on these topics and you are welcome to promote your book at the end of your post. Guest posts will be scheduled on Thursdays. Please contact me by email:, and use the subject line guest blog.


My topics are designed to be both uplifting and thought provoking.

JanuaryGratitude – What’s all the fuss about?

FebruaryCompassion – How difficult can it be?

MarchThe Zen of Writing – Do we writers take ourselves too seriously?

AprilFriendship – Sweet, sour and everything in-between, friendships help us along the road

MayMeditation – Working on a line

JuneFamily Ties – Do they define us?

JulyLove – Is romantic love a myth perpetuated by writers like me?

AugustCleaning House – How much clutter can you handle?

SeptemberLearning – Do our schools get it right?

October Dark night of the soul – When your world falls apart.

NovemberNew Beginnings – How many times can you start over?

DecemberCharity – Does it count when we scream it to the world?



Author: Jo-Ann Carson

Jo-Ann Carson writes a saucy mix of fantasy, adventure and romance. Her latest stories are in the Gambling Ghosts Series: A Highland Ghost for Christmas, A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day, Confessions of a Pirate Ghost and The Biker Ghost Meets his Match. An anthology of the novellas will be coming out this summer. Currently she is working on Midnight Magic, A Ghost & Abby Mystery, the first book in a spin-off series from her Viking ghost story. Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, playing Mah Jong and drinking good coffee. You can chat with her on social media: You can find all her links on her website -

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