Feeling the Joy of Being Reviewed

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I just stumbled upon a new five star Amazon review for Covert Danger. My 31st! It made my week.

“I read this book on a road trip and I’m so glad I had the chance to read uninterrupted. I couldn’t put it down! Sadie Sinclair is shockingly relatable for being a supermodel and a spy. And her love interest Sebastian came across as a European Chris Hemsworth. I’m not normally a spy or adventure reader, but the story had just enough supernatural undercurrent to keep me hooked. Highly recommended!” (Christine Thomson)

How cool is that!

Giving an author a review is like giving her gold. That’s one of the reasons I’ve started a second blog focused on post-apocalyptic stories. I want to put up my reviews for that specific genre in one place  (I’ll also post them on Amazon and Goodreads). I know that the readers on this blog, which I consider my personal blog, may not be that interested in post-apoc, so I’m creating a separate home for them. Will it work out? No idea. But I thought it would be fun to try.

Writing reviews can take a lot of time, but I’ve streamlined my process. I don’t try to summarize the plot. I write one or two paragraphs about what I like about the book. I only post 4 and 5 star reviews. If I feel the book isn’t worthy of that score, then I don’t review it. Reading is a very subjective thing. What I love, the next person might hate and vice-versa, so I would never want to deter someone from reading a book by giving it a low score. I don’t review every book I read, because I don’t have enough time, but I do enjoy writing them. It’s my way of giving back to the author who has spent hours creating a story that has entertained me.

Am I on a soap box today. Well, maybe. But heck. I just got a review and I needed to shout it out. And a big thank you to all my fans who have given me reviews.

shutterstock_104723360 (1)There are many different views on reviews. Care to share yours?

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Author: Jo-Ann Carson

About Jo-Ann Carson Where magic happens … Reports of Jo-Ann Carson’s death on a Gulf Island are greatly exaggerated or, at the very least, premature. The eclectic crew of ghosts that haunt her head spill onto the page in two series: The Gambling Ghosts and The Ghost & Abby Mysteries. A Viking with existential issues, a broken hearted Highlander, a Casanova man-witch and a Pirate with a secret are just a few of the males her strong heroines encounter in tales of fantasy, adventure and romance. A firm believer in the magic of our everyday lives, Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, walking beaches near her home in the Pacific Northwest and reading by the fire. You can visit her on social media: Website * Blog * Twitter * Facebook

8 thoughts on “Feeling the Joy of Being Reviewed”

    1. Yes, you are so right. I try to read them slowly out loud and feel the warmth of the words flow through my system. I don’t care if it sounds hokey, it feels wonderful.
      Thanks for sharing the review with me.
      Best wishes,


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