The Awakening – Haiku


This haiku is created by Lexi the heroine in my next story, The Awakening. It starts the book. Comments welcome.

Photo from Pixar

Image from Canva

6 thoughts on “The Awakening – Haiku

  1. I love the Haiku and think doing poetry gives you a mental break from the work of a longer prose piece and freedom to explore a new direction.

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    1. Thanks Pat,
      I think you’re absolutely right. I really enjoy writing them. They are a bit like a puzzle. I try to keep to the 5/7/5 classic form.
      Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. It’s gorgeous here.
      all the best

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  2. Beautiful haiku and a beautiful picture. I’ve never tried writing haiku but really enjoy reading it. I’ll be watching for your Monday gems. With the sun luring me out of doors to sand my garden gate, repot my patio planters and plant drought-hardy nasturtiums I’m not getting as much writing done as I planned. I may just have to take my tea and notepad outside.

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    1. Hi Helena,
      I love the image of you in your beautiful garden with a cup of tea and your notepad. The weather has been so wonderful. Take care.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words.
      Best Wishes


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