JC McKenzie’s Latest Release – Shift Work, Book 4 Carus Series


Another awesome, shifter story from J.C. McKenzie, filled with adventure, mystery and love. With her books you get to expect the unexpected. Tristan’s secret threatens to destroy Andy and their relationship as she helps a friend find a murderer. Gripping conflict. But what I like best about the Carus series is the witty-edged dialogue. Andy McNeilly is a badass heroine who says what she thinks.
My favorite three lines (sorry I couldn’t stop at one) are:
• “The air sucked out of my lungs, leaving me breathless and lightheaded. He always had this effect on me—as if oxygen was inconsequential, as if I could live without air as long as we were together.”
• “Again, I wished for a Carus Operating Manual- Beast for Dummies. Maybe I should write one for the next Carus.”
• “If Tristan was steak, this guy for all his sexy tattoos, muscles, and good looks was expired ground beef.”
I highly recommend Shift Work for anyone who loves urban fantasy.

(my 5 star review on Goodreads)

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J.C. McKenzie (aka my daughter)'s side of the table
J.C. McKenzie in Palm Springs

About JC McKenzie

J.C. McKenzie was born and raised on the Haida Gwaii and has a great appreciation for nature and the environment. Once a resident of the BC Lower Mainland, she now lives in rural Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband, son and a crazy nut of a dog.



She’s also my daughter and I couldn’t be more proud.

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

SMART, SEXY, SUSPENSE ... with a touch of magic Jo-Ann Carson writes romance twisted with suspense and polished humor. Her strong characters take you on a fast and fun journey. Currently she’s writing the Gambling Ghost series, a sweet and saucy mix of fantasy, adventure and romance. guaranteed to warm your heart, make you laugh out loud and leave you craving a ghost of your own. Jo-Ann loves to interact with readers and can be found on social media: Website - http://jo-anncarson.com

8 thoughts on “JC McKenzie’s Latest Release – Shift Work, Book 4 Carus Series”

  1. I love the fact you both write though in different genres. I’m a bit behind with this series but I agree, Andi McNeily is a bad ass heroine and some of her lines are priceless.

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