Newbie Nick – A Trailer

by Lisa  Mcmanus

When 14-year-old Nick Zinsky secretly busks for money on the streets
of downtown, he soon learns how hard it is to keep his ‘job’ a secret.

Newbie Nick – a novel for young adults published by Lycaon Press  will be released this spring. 

25 thoughts on “Newbie Nick – A Trailer

      1. Lisa
        I love your trailer and can’t wait to read the book. Please, let us know the launch date. Thanks so much for visiting the blog.
        Best Wishes


  1. Thank you so much, Jo-Ann, for posting my trailer on your fabulous site! And many thanks to everyone who stopped by Jo-Ann’s site, had a peek at the trailer, and commented! Best wishes to all, and happy writing!! Lisa


    1. Hi Lisa
      You are so welcome. Your posts are always a favorite with my readers (as well as with me).
      I do hope you visit with news of your release date.
      Best Wishes


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