How’s your passion?


Ramble alert.

It started with the pyramids…

My synapses danced the salsa last night as I  watched a documentary on Egyptian pyramids. There’s so much we don’t  know about ancient civilizations, and extrapolating that thought – so much we don’t know about life.

I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand. I’ve been here before. It’s not the first time this  subject has captivated my imagination.

In fact, it leaks into every one of my stories.  I guess it all comes down to: What is the meaning of life?

Follow your passion

Remember the seventies when Joseph Campbell‘s mantra, “follow your bliss,” and Yoda were all the rage? I don’t think I grew out of that era. The idea that following your passion will lead to something good feels right to me. It’s partly because I like to wear rose colored glasses whenever possible, and partly because I figure you either follow your passion, or follow the herd. Sheep skin doesn’t suit me.

Maybe I’m stuck a few decades back scrambling along my own hero’s journey. Make that anti-hero. No…how about Common Jo. I’m following my common Jo journey. That fits.

5 Joseph Campbell Quotes

taken from the Brainy Quote site

1. “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

2. “The privilege of a lifetime is being who your are.”

3. “Find a place inside you where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

4. “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

5.”God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It is as simple as that.”

What are my Passions?

1. Storytelling

2. Mysticism

3. Learning (which is why I’m doing the workshop on Saturday)

Your turn. What are your passions? Do they keep turning up in your life? Are they reflected in your writing?

In short – how’s your passion?

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

About Jo-Ann Carson Where magic happens … Reports of Jo-Ann Carson’s death on a Gulf Island are greatly exaggerated or, at the very least, premature. The eclectic crew of ghosts that haunt her head spill onto the page in two series: The Gambling Ghosts and The Ghost & Abby Mysteries. A Viking with existential issues, a broken hearted Highlander, a Casanova man-witch and a Pirate with a secret are just a few of the males her strong heroines encounter in tales of fantasy, adventure and romance. A firm believer in the magic of our everyday lives, Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, walking beaches near her home in the Pacific Northwest and reading by the fire. You can visit her on social media: Website * Blog * Twitter * Facebook

14 thoughts on “How’s your passion?”

  1. I have a passion for writing and ancient Egypt, too! So when I saw your blog post and read “Egyptian pyramids” in the first line, I had to stop by and say hi. Loved today’s blog and have to say that my passions most definitely show up in my writing!


    1. Hi Terri
      Thanks so much for stopping by. To be honest, I thought I’d rambled and exposed a bit too much of myself much this time, but you certainly heard me. That means a lot. I’m going to have a good look at your website.
      Happy writing


  2. Ah, Jo-Ann! How do you do it time after time with these awesome topics?! You are clearly a hero and not an anti-hero. Anyone who’s ever been an educator is (IMHO) a hero. And once an educator always an educator. Thus you’re teaching a class, studying Scrivener, and sharing that info with others. And you’re a writer. It takes guts to be a writer. To believe that someone else can benefit from the words I put down on paper (oops,:) I mean type on the computer screen.) To keep on keeping on when rejections come. So no allusions to you as an anti-hero, my friend. (Can you tell, that is a negative term for me? )
    As to my passions, I guess I’d say education #1, because I do believe we can change the world with education. Empower people to make good decisions for themselves and others. To make sacrifices when necessary for the good of others. I wear those same rose-colored glasses that you do, Jo-Ann. As a result, I’ve been hurt when folks didn’t live up to my expectations (everyone is honest, aren’t they?). I’m sure you have been, too, but it doesn’t stop us from putting them on and trying to see the best in others.
    I think I’ve caught the ramble germ from you. So maybe I’d better stop, before I’ve written a longer response than you did a post. LOL I’ll share.


    1. Dear Marsha
      I’ve been enjoying your comment all morning. So much so that it’s been difficult to write a reply. You are such a wonderful friend. Thank your for your kind and inspiring words.
      I admire your passion and commitment to learning and education and mostly to making the world a better place.
      Glad to know you.
      Happy writing


  3. Oh my God. Way to throw me off my writing track and into deeper meditation on the nature of me. I”ll have to think about this one. You amaze me that you can put your passions down so cleanly and, well, dispassionately!


    1. Hi Judy
      How’s the meditation going? lol
      It is a big subject. Although I listed my passions, trust me I am not dispassionate about them. And I laugh at myself when I try to ignore them and find them flowing into my writing and really every other facet of my life. Guess we can’t be anyone but ourselves in the end.
      Can’t wait to hear about your passions.
      Best Wishes


  4. Hi Jo-Ann. I always enjoy your posts.
    I love supernatural stories, books, TV shows, films, even music that has a haunting sound to it. 🙂 I don’t know where my passion for all things paranormal came from. I was writing stories about ghosts and aliens when I was ten. It’s a passion that makes me happy, and something I’m sure I’ll always enjoy.


    1. Hi Emma
      Thanks for the compliment.
      I like how you talk about your passion. It’s not an external thing that you aim for. It’s something that’s so much a part of you that it’s just there and you’ve watched it grow. I hope you kept your early ghost stories.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.


  5. Hi Jo-Ann

    Funny, we tend to think of passion as the unbridled love and lust shown on the cover of romance novels. Yet most of us have numerous passions. Writing and food are two of mine although I’ve never considered myself a gourmet cook. But I do like cooking and can happily spend hours watching Food TV. And reading. I do enjoy shows on art or history but not as much as you do.


    1. Hi Pat
      I like your passion for cooking. Your homemade chocolates rock. I like Food TV but only get to watch it if I’m in a hotel room. I like watching people create something from a few simple items.
      I share your love of books.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  6. I loved your blog post and can definitely relate to being captivated by the mysteries of ancient civilizations. My passions are: writing, science and volleyball. And of course, loving my family 🙂


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