Finding the perfect…


Sometimes I think life is about finding the perfect.

That goes for spring sunrises,  lazy afternoon reads, cappucinos, writing pens and yes even men, or I should say man. What got me to thinking about”the perfect” is that after three weeks of looking for a place to stay in New York City, we found one. It’s a studio apartment near Grand Central Station.

You wouldn’t believe how many “not so perfect” places we combed through. One rental outfit liked to inflate prices and warn us that 18 people (and it was always 18) wanted the same place and we had to act quickly and pay for the entire stay up front, another liked to “bait and switch” us, saying that the apartment we wanted wasn’t available but that another was (over and over again???). We’ve never encountered so many  difficulties and smelly practices when we searched for accommodation on-line before . But in the end…perseverance paid off and we are booked.

Why is it so perfect? It’s beside a soup place (that will keep PJ, my wonderfully imperfect man, happy) and in the middle of everything (that makes me, the never perfect, happy). I’m soooo excited.

There’s something wonderful about finding the perfect. Of course it probably won’t be, PERFECT, but for the moment it is and that lightens my step.

Any thoughts on pursuing perfection in New York City?

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

About Jo-Ann Carson Where magic happens … Reports of Jo-Ann Carson’s death on a Gulf Island are greatly exaggerated or, at the very least, premature. The eclectic crew of ghosts that haunt her head spill onto the page in two series: The Gambling Ghosts and The Ghost & Abby Mysteries. A Viking with existential issues, a broken hearted Highlander, a Casanova man-witch and a Pirate with a secret are just a few of the males her strong heroines encounter in tales of fantasy, adventure and romance. A firm believer in the magic of our everyday lives, Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, walking beaches near her home in the Pacific Northwest and reading by the fire. You can visit her on social media: Website * Blog * Twitter * Facebook

12 thoughts on “Finding the perfect…”

  1. Just absorb the ambiance of the city. Yes, Times Square, of course, but get out and check the burroughs (sp?) All these small towns butted up next to each other with all the necessities within walking distance. I love that about the city. I guess, we’ve only been during the summer. One of our daughters took a summer school course there and then later lived there full time with her husband. I was still teaching, so I’m sure it must’ve been summer. Would love to go during the winter (with lots of extra times before and after trip planned in for weather delays. LOL) to experience Christmas there. But whatever year my kids and husband go to Hawaii for Christmas, I’m going to Woodstock, VT. Don’t know if I’ll get down to NYC then or not. OKay, enough, back to the edits cave. 🙂


    1. Marsha
      I can’t wait. We’ll be there in July and I know it will be hot, but that’s when they have writing conferences (lol). Go figure!
      The burroughs sound interesting. So much to take in. Imagine, I get to experience the ambiance of the New York minute!! I’m sooo ready.
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well in the cave.
      Best Wishes


  2. We loved NY the one time we visited and are looking forward to going again. The tour guide told us the locals buy all their fresh fruit and veggies from the local Vietnamese, or was it Korean, shop. Don’t bother with the grocery stores. We wandered into a couple of these places and the guide was right! I envy you for the chance to live there.


    1. Hi Joan
      Good tip. I love eating food from local markets. We’ll hit a few restaurants, but fresh fruit and veggies sound great. Thanks for the tip.
      Best Wishes


  3. You’re going to have a great time.
    I visited New York once years and years ago, but I didn’t do everything I should have. Looking back I wish I’d visited Ellis Island, Coney Island and gone ice-skating at Rockefeller Center.
    Enjoy every moment.


    1. Emma
      Thanks for stopping by. There is so much to do in NY. I’m sure if we stayed six months we’d still be skimming the surface. I can’t wait.
      All your ideas sound fantastic! Thanks.
      Best Wishes


    1. Hi Pat
      I’m really excited about my trip, even though it’s months away. Thanks for stopping by and cheering me on.
      Best Wishes


  4. New York bagels are legendary; then the museums; Central Park; browsing through all those amazingly expensive stores; concerts of every kind; Broadway – but I wonder – do the plays go right through the summer? In any case you conference will be inspiration itself. Congratulations on finding ‘the perfect’.


    1. Hi Daniela
      Yes I am very excited about my conference, but I do hope to fit in a Broadway show. Thanks for stopping by.


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