Creative Journal Covers

DSCN2102DSCN2101I’m keeping  creative journals for both my series, and finding them to be enormously helpful ‘spaces’ to collect and play with story ideas. Here are the covers.

On The Nederlander Series cover I’ve glued a mouse pad with a copy of Vermeeer’s painting, known as Girl with a Turban, and/or Girl with a Pearl Earring. The second book in that series is about a missing Vermeer, and the series is about international art theft, so it fits.

On The Black Cat Blues Series cover I tried to blend music and black cats. I’m not an artist, but it’s become a comfortable scrapbook kinda place where I grow ideas. That series is about an enigmatic blues singer who lives in a boathouse in Vancouver and encounters more than her share of mysteries.

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

Jo-Ann Carson writes a saucy mix of fantasy, adventure and romance. Her latest stories are in the Gambling Ghosts Series: A Highland Ghost for Christmas, A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day, Confessions of a Pirate Ghost and The Biker Ghost Meets his Match. An anthology of the novellas will be coming out this summer. Currently she is working on Midnight Magic, A Ghost & Abby Mystery, the first book in a spin-off series from her Viking ghost story. Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, playing Mah Jong and drinking good coffee. You can chat with her on social media: You can find all her links on her website -

10 thoughts on “Creative Journal Covers”

  1. I like both of these, Jo-Ann. I guess you’ve been following the news stories about the 1990 art theft. NPR had an interview yesterday with the lead FBI agent on the case. I thought about you.


    1. Thanks Marsha
      Yes, I am keenly following the Gardner Heist story. I can’t wait until they reveal all the new details. Art theft fascinates me, because it usually involves a twisted tale of greed, passion and stupidity. All the “stuff” of great stories.
      That being said, I do hope they retrieve the art pieces in good shape.
      Oh, and thanks for the sweet tweet.


    1. Hannah and Clara
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment.
      A love of messy craft and art runs in the family.


    1. Hi Judy
      And I kinda knew it should happen that way, but I’m still amazed at how helpful playing around with lines, color and paper open things up for me.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. You are inspiring me to follow in your footsteps, Jo-Ann. Maybe I could a start a creative journal for my time-travel-Regency story. It could turn into a series yet. Let’s see – revealing tights, cell-phones and face book vs. empire-waists, fluttering fans and starched neck cloths. The real contrast would be in the social expectations. Kisses without commitment? Shock and disbelief!


    1. Hi Daniela
      You always inspire me with your positive and courageous outlook on life, so I’m super happy you’ve taken to one of my ideas. I think your new story has wonderful potential for conflict and it might be fun to journal some of it. I love your contrast theme.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting


    1. Pat
      I’ve always been a little too timid to try it, so I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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