Gotta Love Troll’s

I mean the place, not the little varmints that live under bridges.

I went to Vancouver twice this week, so  I went to Troll`s twice.  I have to write about it.

Location: In the tiny town of Horseshoe Bay, just outside  West Vancouver (B.C. Canada), situated across the road from the bay, the restaurant has an amazing view of snow capped coastal  mountains rising out of the ocean towering  into the sky. The harbor has a small boat marina and the dock for B.C. Ferries, which services boats running up the mainland coast and over to Bowen Island and Vancouver Island.

History: “…Joe and Dorothy (“Dot”) Troll started Troll’s Fish and Chips in 1946 opening only on weekends and holidays and catered to the local fishermen of the village.” In 1951 ferry service to the Sunshine Coast and Nanaimo started and and in 1961 B.C. Ferries took over the runs. Millions of people stream through the small town and many of them stop at Troll’s.

If you won a lottery ticket… : would you keep working?  Joe’s son Gary, who now runs the restaurant, won a 14 million dollar lottery in 1997, and kept working.

“…he continues to report to work at 4am and prepare the restaurant for the daily 6am opening. It is not uncommon to see locals, stranded travelers or just regular early birds having coffee and hot cinnamon buns well before the 6am opening. This speaks of how Troll’s is operated….we take care of family….all families.” (Troll’s Restaurant)

But the reason I love Troll’s is…:  its ambiance. It`s quintessential west coast. You feel comfortable  the moment you walk through the door with its porthole.   A stained glass picture of a tall ship is on the back door. A wooden canoe hangs from the ceiling. The wood paneled walls are covered with well drawn caricatures of people, who I don’t know, but feel I do, because the artist has done such a good job. Above the bar sit two men drinking.

… And  the staff has character. My favorite waitress will get you fed and on your way to the ferry in ten minutes, or will let you relax with a paper for an hour. Middle aged, hard working and all business, she slides from table to table with a wizened smile that spreads from the corners of her tightly held mouth to her tired eyes, like she’s seen it all and then some.  We complimented her on her efficiency  and her response:

“It isn’t my first rodeo.”

Like I said, “You gotta love Troll’s.”