Alpha Male meets Janet Evanovich

Normally, I keep my romance writing “thing” away from my six foot five, alpha male husband, but Saturday I wasn’t feeling normal. I wanted to see One for the Money, a movie adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s novel. I wanted to see it badly. My daughters and girlfriends were busy, so I twisted the arm of my other half.

What can I say? He likes my cooking. He agreed to go.  There are no tanks, or cowboys in the story, so I kept telling him it would be funny. It was my only hope. My stomach twinged as I imagined his response to Stephanie Plum, the bumbling, kick-ass bounty hunter.

I think I patted his arm one too many times, because he began to furrow his brows. “It’s not like The Black Swan is it?.”

“Ugh, no.” I winced, wondering how he would respond to the steamy Ranger character.

“And it’s a love story?”

“Yeah, kinda. There’s one heroine and two,” I coughed, “handsome heroes, and…”

“Uh huh.”

But his response to the movie surprised me. He laughed at all the funny spots and cracked up when the Grandmother shot the turkey. In short, he thought the characters were great and enjoyed the zany plot.The finances of the bond company irked him, but that’s a minor detail.

I enjoyed the movie, but not as much as the book. Evanovich brings her characters to life, so brilliantly they live in my head long after the story is over. On the screen, I found them two dimensional. But that’s me. Make no mistake, I did enjoy the movie. I recommend it and would give it 7 stars (on a scale of 10).

So why am I writing about this?  My movie date reminded me that good writing transcends genre. It reaches out and captures the heart and imagination. …and in Evanovich’s case –the funny bone.


One for the Money – Movie Trailer on You Tube

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

About Jo-Ann Carson Where magic happens … Reports of Jo-Ann Carson’s death on a Gulf Island are greatly exaggerated or, at the very least, premature. The eclectic crew of ghosts that haunt her head spill onto the page in two series: The Gambling Ghosts and The Ghost & Abby Mysteries. A Viking with existential issues, a broken hearted Highlander, a Casanova man-witch and a Pirate with a secret are just a few of the males her strong heroines encounter in tales of fantasy, adventure and romance. A firm believer in the magic of our everyday lives, Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, walking beaches near her home in the Pacific Northwest and reading by the fire. You can visit her on social media: Website * Blog * Twitter * Facebook

10 thoughts on “Alpha Male meets Janet Evanovich”

  1. I Jo-Anne, You write a good blog. That is a talent in itself. It does the guys good to watch a chick flick every once in a while. Reminds me of the comments I get from men who really want to know why it’s called ‘women’s fiction’. Like they feel left out, or that we are making assumptions about them. I find i don’t have a good answer. Judy Hudson


    1. Judy
      Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you like my blog, and that you stopped by.
      I find some women, as well as men, have difficulty relating to ‘women’s fiction’ in general, and the ‘romance genre’ in particular. It ranks low on their literary palate; stories that should be hidden beneath the dirty laundry and not discussed in public. I don’t think we writers leave anyone out, but we definitely tell the story from a female perspective. If that bothers them, it’s their loss. It has a distinctive voice, and deserves a distinctive label. I would like to see the day when women’s fiction garners the respect it deserves.


  2. “good writing transcends genre” – great point! Now I have ammo to get my hubby to take me! 🙂 I’ve been dying to see this movie since I first saw the trailer. Not surprised the book is still better, though. 🙂


    1. Misty
      Hard to beat her book. In an interview on The View Evanovitch said they did a great job of it. Let me know how you and the hubby liked it. Tks for stopping by.


  3. I totally agree with your comment about good writing transcending genre, and would add “and gender”. Kevin takes a bundle of paperbacks to expand the library of his ship, for the near- exclusively male crew. He brought a couple home once that he was in the middle of reading. One was “The Devil Wears Prada.” I didn’t say a word. He loved it. How that book got onto the ship, I don’t know, but I think it’s great that he, and possibly some of the other men, are open to reading what is often thought of as women’s fiction. After all, I like Clancy and Grisham as much as the next guy. 😉


    1. Kemala
      Well said. It does transcend gender.
      I would have loved to catch sight of a sailor with “The Devil Wears Prada”. Too funny.
      Happy writing


  4. LOL. I went to One For The Money on Saturday night too. She’s one of my favorite authors and I love the books so it was a must see. The characters aren’t the same as in the book but I thought the movie worked pretty well and I noticed the men were laughing just as hard as the women in the audience, On the other hand I told my son he’d probably like it and he said ‘yeah, but I think I’ll wait until I can rent it.’ I absolutely agree good writing transcends gender or genre. Good writing is good writing.


  5. Pat
    Here’s to good writing. I’m lifting my tea cup.
    It would be so wonderful to have words and characters flow through my fingertips like Evanovich.
    Happy writing


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