Sexy in the Scene or Sequel?

Yesterday, I finished an eye-opening, course on Scene and Sequel, given by multi-published author, Bonnie Edwards, through Savvy Authors.  The SCENE is the part in the story where all the action takes place, and the SEQUEL is the emotional fall-out from that action. The characters emotions lead  her to make a plan of action. That plan leads to the next scene, and so the plot unfolds; scene -sequel to scene- sequel… and so on.

I’d never thought about plot development in this way, but it makes sense. Both the scene and the sequel have essential components that make them work. Well written they improve not only the clarity of the story, but the pacing as well. It was an excellent course, and I highly recommend it.

You guessed it: I tend to leave out a few of those essential ingredients. My writing, at times, is like scrambled eggs without salt. My challenge now is to digest the theory that I’ve learned and let it flow into my work. But you may have noticed that I’m writing a post and not my manuscript at the moment:)

Sooo…is he sexy in the scene or the sequel? I would say he needs to be extremely sexy in the scene, but I want his memory to be equally sexy in the sequel.

Or more!

Author: Jo-Ann Carson

Jo-Ann Carson writes a saucy mix of fantasy, adventure and romance. Her latest stories are in the Gambling Ghosts Series: A Highland Ghost for Christmas, A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day, Confessions of a Pirate Ghost and The Biker Ghost Meets his Match. An anthology of the novellas will be coming out this summer. Currently she is working on Midnight Magic, A Ghost & Abby Mystery, the first book in a spin-off series from her Viking ghost story. Jo-Ann loves watching sunrises, playing Mah Jong and drinking good coffee. You can chat with her on social media: You can find all her links on her website -

10 thoughts on “Sexy in the Scene or Sequel?”

  1. Jo-Ann thanks so much for launching your blog with my class as your topic.

    And thanks so much for using my cover for MenTimes Three!

    It was such a pleasure to teach all the participants. I’m so very glad it all made sense!

    I hope we do it again next month when I teach my next class, Stimulus and Response at Savvy Authors.


  2. Hi Jo-Ann,
    Your blog is lovely, very easy on the eyes and neat at the moment. Wait until you’ve published all those manuscripts you’ve been working on and things will surely change. At least, I hope so!
    At the beginning of my career as an author, I took a Bonnie Edward’s class and learned more from her in one session than I’d garnered in months working on my own. I can highly recommend her work to anyone – anytime!
    xo Mimi


    1. Mimi
      You are too kind. Thank you for your generous praise of my baby blog.
      By the way…I’ve learned a lot from you as well. (I’m so lucky to be part of such a dynamic writing group!) Your Twitter workshop this weekend convinced me to get back into Twitter, and the blog world, and to put my toe into Goodreads. I’m already feeling more connected. So thank you.


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