The Creative Ink Con 2018

I had a great time at The Creative Ink Conference in Vancouver this year.

I attended two outstanding sessions: one called, “Writing Fight Scenes” with a panel of writers (i.e., Kevin Hearne, C.C. Humphreys, Tyner Gillies, JM Landels and TG Shepherd, and moderated by Kristene Perron) discussed the mechanics of writing good fight scenes; the other, “Blue Stories: How to Get the Law Enforcement Details Right in Your Fiction,”  was a Q and A with Surrey policeman and writer Tyner Gillies. I learned a lot about both topics, too much to fit into one blog post.

I also participated in a panel, “Romancing the Monster” with Kate Austin, and Chloe Cocking, moderated by SG Wong. The thirteen people in the audience (12 women, 1 man) were actively involved in the conversation.  As you can see in the picture there was a lot of laughter. The panel kicked off the session by briefly talking about their writing projects and the “whys and hows” of romancing beasts. We discussed the trope of Beauty and the Beast and LGBTQ representation in a larger conversation with the audience.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and participate in the conference, and am thankful to Sandra Wickham, the coordinator, and her league of volunteers.

Here are two photos taken by Kristene Perron. You may have seen them already on FB, but I thought I’d share them here, because I know not all of you are on FB.

Creative Ink1

Creative Ink2

J. C. McKenzie (my daughter) and me. VIPA stands for Vancouver Island Paranormal Authors

The best part of the weekend for me was attending the conference with my daughter and visiting my other daughter and her family who live nearby. I am so lucky.

My Blooper Weekend

You know what they say about “the best laid plans.”

I’m sitting here at my booth at The Creative Ink Festival in Burnaby (a suburb of Vancouver, B.C.)

Getting organized to be in a ferry line up for 7:30 rattled my brains. At least I figure that’s my best excuse for creating an ad with the wrong dates.

Yes, I did.

I put out a newsletter today, which you can see here. In it I have an ad for the book I’m putting on sale for this weekend. Sounds good, Right?  The best laid plans … I put the wrong month on it. Oh yeah, I’m looking really professional. Feeling it too:)

Anyway, it is a big sale. My anthology of ghost stories is free. I’ve never put in on sale before and to be honest it was hard, because it is four stories, months of work, sweat and laughter.

But if you are interested … Cheating Death is available May 18-20th at all Amazon outlets for free.

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Day 3 at the Retreat

It continues to rain making walks difficult, but writing easier.

I thought I’d share some of the inside of the lodge.



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Spring Writer’s Retreat 2018

After a harrowing drive over “the hump” and zigzagging around Cameron Lake I arrived at our retreat in Riverside Lodge, in Port Alberni. It’s absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures:


Photos From #CapCityCon 2018 #Mondayblogs

I had a blast. 

This is me in front of The Empress

This is me and my daughter, JC McKenzie on our third day.

Having a lunch break at Milestones, overlooking the inner harbour.

I know you may want to know more about my experience,  but I’m too tired to chat today. My eyes are swollen, almost shut, from wearing heavy makeup and my mind has trouble formulating words. But I will say, I had lots of fun, loved meeting the people and I sold books.