Top 10 Takeaways from #SiWC16 (Surrey International Writers’ Conference)

Just back from my first foray into the world of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. I could never encapsulate everything I learned, so I’m giving you my top ten takeaways, the top statements/comments/ pieces of information that really “stuck” with me. They are all paraphrased. One – Books that Endure The books that endure are … More Top 10 Takeaways from #SiWC16 (Surrey International Writers’ Conference)

Coffee with Boris

Boris I’m learning about epigenetics in a university class held in Qualicum Beach, a gorgeous sea-side community on Vancouver island where they named a street, “Judges Row,” because so many judges retire here. I like to roll into town early and check out the local coffee houses. My favorite so far is Bailey’s. Because of … More Coffee with Boris

Thanksgiving Post

I am blessed, truly blessed for so many things. Life is a miracle. This Thanksgiving I’m spending  the day with PJ in our cabin on the small Gulf Island where we raised our girls. We are sitting beside a wood fire in a companionable silence, Kindles in hand. The wood fire crackles giving off a … More Thanksgiving Post